Day 80: Waving The White Bra

I think it was fair to say the beer took its toll on us. I woke up in the middle of the night, and for some unknown reason walked out the room and across the courtyard in order to use the outside toilet. It wasn’t until the morning that I questioned it, when the whole time we had a private en suite bathroom. It was around 10:30 when we decided it was best to start moving. Even then we dragged our heels to the restaurant for breakfast.

Afterwards, I collected my laundry and returned to the room, sipping on water to prevent any delayed headaches. It wasn’t until I checked through my fresh clean clothes that I discovered (to my horror) a dirty white lace bra. Not knowing who it belonged to, like fully grown mature adults, we threw it around the room in the hopes it would land on someone’s head. I’d still like to believe it belonged to the woman I handed my washing to, and in a truly eccentric fan like fashion she gave me her bra as a gesture of love, as if I were a whiter, more English Tom Jones figure.

After checking out, we asked a stray tuktuk driver to take us to our next place of rest, Otres Beach. Sarah tried for $1 each but he said it was 7km away, so would cost us $6 in total. It seemed like a fixed price, and as I’ve said before, the tuktuk drivers seem pretty decent in Cambodia. Plus, being hungover we weren’t going to bother arguing over a lousy dollar. Seven kilometres later we arrived outside our beachfront hostel named Footprints. We were given the option of a dorm room or a private three bed room. Seeing as they both cost the same price we opted for the comfort of a private room. We had a lovely sea view from outside our room, which Jamie and I appreciated for a while, when Sarah marched down to the beach to catch some rays. We soon joined her, leaving anything valuable in the room.

We spent the majority of the day on the beach/ sea, which made it all the more easy to forget about the hangovers. The beach was lovely this time around, free from both rubbish and tourists. We were only haggled once by a small boy trying to sell us bracelets. Try as he might, with his cute face and oversized baseball cap I succeeded in saying no to every item he offered me, and he went through them all. As expected, hunger struck. We returned to our hotel, had a quick shower (in the stagnant smelling brown water), got changed and went on the hunt for food.

We looked in a couple places but because of how remote an area it was few places had an array of options on their menus. Out of the five places within walking distance (at least, as far as we wanted to walk) we located one which had a half decent menu. We ordered food and while waiting for it to cook, did our best not to fall asleep. The day was perfect, temperature just right, warm summer breeze blowing through, good company, we really couldn’t have asked for more. After settling the bill, and our stomachs, we returned to the hostel for even more R&R. If I am honest, I don’t know what happened over the next few hours. When we got back to the room Sarah sat outside reading, while both Jamie and I led on our beds inside. I began reading some more of my book, but because the door was open and the warm breeze let itself in, within 10 minutes I was out of it. When I came too it was dark outside.

I moved over to Sarah’s bigger, more spacious bed but being in the annoying mood she was, she refused to let me sleep. Teasing me with the occasional prod and poke until she convinced us to go for food. Before we left there was the issue of getting a mosquito net for my bed. Cambodia is supposedly in the high risk zone for malaria and seeing as I am not taking tablets to prevent it anymore I have to take all the precautionary measures possible. (Well that was my excuse anyway, it was more a way of allowing me to sleep in the big bed for longer while a guy from the hostel installed one).

When he was finished, reluctantly I got up, put on a top and my flip flops then followed her majesty to the restaurant. We returned to the place we ate earlier that day, however, because there were no tables available we only ordered water and looked elsewhere. It was pitch black out by this time and the only lights to guide us came from the occasional roadside huts. We looked at a few places, but because of their lack of dishes we returned to the previous place (MERCURIAL). It took a while for the food to cook and in that time two tables became available. Not happy with the first one, Sarah made us move because she started falling asleep (claiming it was too dark). The next table was juuuuust right and 5 minutes later our food arrived.

After tea we returned to our hostel, bought some snacks and sat in front of the telly to watch a film. The interior of Footprints had a very homely feel to it, resembling a tropical living room. It would have been very easy to migrate there for a long time, as the chill out area was so relaxing. Add to it the small puppy which ran off with Sarah’s flip flop and it was a home away from home. Unfortunately, we caught the tail end of the movie, so when it finished we returned to the room. Sarah and Jamie then watched the movie Ted on our tablet, while I led on my bed typing out this blog. Halfway through their film Sarah disappeared to the bathroom, only to return 10 seconds later asking if I’d accompany her. The reason for this? There was a big spider in the only available one.

When I got there (playing the role of the bodyguard) I saw it was a decent size, but certainly not big. Resembling one of those black spiders you’d find in your bathtubs at home. Seeing as we were staying somewhere tropical I imagined it would be a more formidable foe. The second we were inside and the door closed, the eight legged horror started running around. “Urgh, urgh, urgh,” went the cries as we ran away… They were coming from me, not really. We then waited for another bathroom to free itself, before returning to the room, where I got back to my blog, and Sarah her film. I typed for a good few hours that night, before closing both my work and my eyes to spend the first night in our new little paradise, spiders and all!


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