Day 67: Vinpearland

Well we are all still here, the date being 21/12/12, and all that’s happened is the Mayans calendar has ran out. No world disasters, no meteors, no nothing! So, the two of us set to carry out our morning like usual, getting up around 9am, heading up stairs for breakfast (I had a delicious pancake with honey), then, we returned to our room where we watched an episode of Dexter. When the show finished we packed a day bag, got in the appropriate clothing and headed down to reception to inquire about Vinpearl (Vietnam’s answer to Disneyland).

The lady behind the desk told us we could buy tickets at the hotel, as this would prevent us having to queue when we arrived. She was also kind enough to arrange a taxi for us. When we entered the building we had to show a security guard our bags (to ensure we weren’t amusement park terrorists) because to get to Vinpearl we had to ride a cable car across the sea. According to the lonely planet guide the cable car track is the longest over sea track in the world. During our ride we snapped away with the iPhone, trying desperately to get a picture which captured both of us and the background. The ride took about ten minutes and as we grew closer to the park I noticed a giant toboggan run, it ran from the very top of the hill underneath the large Vinpearl lettering, and wound back and forth on itself until it reached the bottom.

When we exited the cable car, we made our way towards the winding toboggan run. The weather was glorious, it was perfect for a day at the amusement/ water park, however, it was dead there. We were very surprised when we were able to go straight onto any ride we wanted. Again, much like the spa resort, it was filled with Russians. Sarah observed each one of them was stuck in the nineties because of their dress sense. When we got on our ride we were fortunate to share the same toboggan, the belt took us to the top of the hill, then it was up to me to control our speed using the handles on the side. It was quite simple, forward to go back to break. We flew around some of the corners at breakneck speeds, because I missed the signs which read “BREAK.” We made it to the bottom safely then headed to the water park area, on accounts of the weather being so hot (what did you say? 0•C in England? Ah that must be awful).

On our way to the park, we were distracted by a set of stairs which led to an aquarium. We went inside and stated there for about 45 minutes. Like usual it was very informative, and the place had some weird fish I had never seen before. The tunnel part was very interesting also, there was a conveyor belt you could stand on and it would take you all the way around. During the ride we observed all manner of sea life. They had sharks, manta rays and an aggressive turtle which snapped at a fish when they got in its way. When we had seen everything we continued to the water park, put our bags in a locker and began exploring. It was a much better site this time, there were no old fat Russians to look at, mostly they were all young and attractive. Sarah and I both agreed we don’t know what happens to Russian people, when they’re young they have amazing figures, but as they get older they just explode. There were lots of different water slides to choose from, but after riding on one named space hole we called it a day. Sarah had a headache as it was, so didn’t really feel like going on in the first place. As for me, I sustained my second head injury of the trip in the form of an egg on the back of my head. Before getting on the slide we were told to keep our hands behind our heads to prevent that from happening. When the water started spraying in my face at the bottom and I couldn’t breath, I moved them to the front and that’s when my head jerked against the slide. For the rest of our time at the water park we alternated between the lazy river and the wave pool, all the while the Russians techno/electronic soundtrack was being blasted through the park’s speakers.

It was around 5pm when we returned to the amusement park, the place was still dead, so we decided to go on the giant swinging boat. We then made our way to the arcade, but to get there we had to pass a disgusting site. To my horror there was a sideshow of dogs and monkeys in clothes. They had to perform for the stupid people who stood around laughing. There was a beagle on a children’s trike struggling to ride around in circles. The reason it makes my blood boil so much to see things like that is because of what those poor animals would have gone through to be able to perform. What’s worse are the moronic people who encourage the sick show by watching. When we entered the arcade I came into my element. All the machines were free to use, something I had never experienced before, my favourite game was the basketball hoop. I tried my hardest to get the record of 250 but only managed 111 in the two minutes I was given to achieve such a feat. I was like a kid at Christmas during our time there, flittering between the gun games, motorbike racing, horse riding, a boxing game, and the old whack-a-mole. When we left it was dark outside, but that’s when the park really came to life. All the lights around the trees and the Christmas decorations were dancing away, even the Vinpearl sign had its own lighting.

While in the queue to leave the park Sarah spotted the swings that revolved and took you high into the air, so we weren’t allowed to leave until we rode it. It was really fun to rotate height up, where we could enjoy the view of the whole park. However, It was terrifying every time the unoccupied seats kept coming towards us. When we were lowered to earth, we unbuckled ourselves and caught a cable car back to town. At night the cable car was beautiful, each spire in the sea was lit up and resembled the Eiffel Tower. Either that or a sculpture from Tron. At the other side we took some pictures, then caught a taxi back to our hotel. We each had a quick shower, then went for food at the place we visited the previous night. After eating their spectacular food we went to the main bar strip, as Sarah had a Facebook message telling us our friend Jenna was in Nha Trang and wanted to meet up.

We found her sat outside a bar named the Red Apple, she was sat with a friend. We joined the two of them for a few drinks where we made jokes about how many Russians were in Nha Trang, comparing it to the twilight zone. We visited two bars that night before saying our goodbyes. Like usual, we stopped in the local a-mart to grab some water and M&Ms, then headed back to our room to pack our bags. The next day we had to be up early for a bus ride to Dalat at 7:30am. When we were sorted, I made a Skype call to my mum, then turned out the lights safe in the knowledge the world hadn’t ended… Yet!


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