Day 64: Too Many People Spoil The Bus Ride?

I woke up feeling like Mr Olympia, due to all the stretching and muscle flexing I did as I sat up in bed, the time was ten to nine and also for Sarah to be woken up if she was wanting breakfast.

We think that today saw our relationship hitting its third anniversary, so being the romantic that I am, I jumped on to her bed and gave her a big cuddle, then treated her to the free buffet breakfast. When we had finished our romantic meal, we returned to the room for a little while where the nerd read her book and I watched tv again. The pair of us then showered and packed our bags ready for check out. The hotel didn’t offer a secure room for our luggage, meaning we had to leave the bags behind a flight of stairs, how trusting. We kept our valuable items in a rucksack which remained with us for the duration of the day. To waste some time until our pick up at half five that afternoon, we sat beside the pool. We remained there until 2pm, when we finally decided to catch the shuttle bus to town (are these past few days beginning to sound like a bad joke yet?).

Our first port of call was to stop in the travel shop we booked our bus ticket with the previous day. We did this because after leaving the day before we realised we had enough time on our visas for another stop to Mui Ne. After talking with the lady she told us it would cost an extra eight dollars, as she’d have to cancel our old tickets and order us some new ones. Slightly annoyed that the prices had gone up by three dollars from yesterday, we handed over the money and went for lunch, while the woman wrote out our new tickets. We stopped in the bar next door initially, but after seeing their prices we only ordered drinks, and played a game of jenga. This meant there was only one place we could possibly go for food, Cargo. Granted their prices were also high, but as I’ve said already their food is good. We both ordered baguettes and split a dish of fries, I was the only one of the two of us to order dessert, I chose the cheesecake, don’t worry nan, yours are still better. We only had an hour and a half left before we were to be picked up by our coach, with that we paid the bill and scooted back for our tickets.

The lady had them ready for us to just walk in and grab, then after a fifteen minute walk (as well as a quick shop stop for some water) we were back at the hotel. We didn’t quick costume change and freshened up in the bathroom, then sat patiently for the final forty minutes. We were soon beckoned by the hotel staff who informed us our bus was waiting outside. I quickly grabbed the large rucksacks and followed Sarah out, we then had to go through the process of showing the guy our tickets before being allowed aboard. When we got the green light we were halted again by another of man who was asking us to place our flip flops in a plastic bag. At this point I should make it clear, the bus we were going to be on for fourteen hours wasn’t your usual upright seating, instead, it was a sleeper bus. This meant every seat on board was horizontal, this sounds nice but with each seat being just long enough for a child, it also meant this would be a ride from hell for me.

Ah Ben it can’t be that bad, I mean you get to lye down and sleep for the whole journey, which is more than you’d ever get from a standard coach…… Well let me tell you something guy, regardless of what bed I chose, I wasn’t able to fully stretch out, not only did we have our own back packs to worry about, we now also had our flip flops in a bag and we somehow had to fit the bags on our beds with us. The next issue to bother me was that of a population crisis, we drove down the road for all of half an hour before the coach stopped to pick up a couple dozen Vietnamese people. I think every seat/bed had a person on it before we took off again, the only thing I could take solace in was that the Asian guy in front of me wasn’t able to recline his seat any farther. All I can say is the woman at the travel store was very clever to leave this out when we booked it up. With fourteen hours, and a lot of road ahead of us, I would have to make myself as comfy as a tinned sardine, shut my eyes and hope that Mr Sandman would be kind enough to bless me with sleep.


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