Day 60: Nothing To Declare

After nearly two months of travelling you would have thought we’d have done something to celebrate, wrong, we did nothing. This post will not be long, probably around two paragraphs if you’re lucky. We got up for breakfast before the receptionist had a chance to call us, we then got dressed and headed to the roof for a lovely breakfast sandwich. The arrangement for breakfast was rather strange, instead of ordering anything, we just had to show up and get what we were given. Quickly, we wolfed them down and returned to the Sarah and Ben headquarters. The weather outside was terrible so we opted to stay indoors all day out the way of it. We alternated between the tv and our tablet device, choosing either films or shows to entertain us. Later into the day we started to hear loud ‘european’ and 90’s music blaring through the hotel. After some lazy investigation we discovered that it was coming from a stage which was being set up on the beach. Sadly, we wouldn’t be in Da Nang for long enough to find out what the stage was for.

We remained in our cave until sunset, finally emerging like two travelling bears from hibernation. We decided to visit a local cafe we had seen advertised a few days before called Zen. Although we were assured that it was open for business, much like the rest of Denang, when we got there, there was a notice in Vietnamese on the gates and surprise surprise – they were closed! With that bit of bad luck we decided to go back to the beach side restaurant we visited the day before. We stayed there for a couple hours and had some delicious food, even though the Internet was once again terrible (Damn you Vietnam, damn you and your comparable 90’s dial up speeds). With the evening drawing in, we paid for our dinner and retired back to the hotel.

Seeing as the Internet only worked in two places of the building, the ground floor and the top floor, we decided to go online and find a hotel for our next location, Hoi An. It was quite tricky to focus on what we were doing initially, as the receptionist joined us and kept talking about random points, we didn’t want to be rude, so we conversed with her for a bit. She told us how she had had the hotel for just over a year and asked us if we wouldn’t mind writing a review of it online. Of course we obliged, after all it was the least we could do after she was kind enough to put a roof over our heads. We then said goodnight and continued our search for accommodation. Eventually we found a nice place for cheap…ish, it came to thirty pounds for the pair of us for two nights. Happy with what we booked, we returned to the room to watch movies, and eventually fall asleep to the distant relaxing sounds of dff dff dff dff boom boom dff!!!


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