Day 63: We’ll Cross That Bridge When We Get To It

For the first time in a while I woke up with some energy, it may have been down to the fact I had a good nine hours sleep, ooooor because I slept in the spare bed of our room (for honest reasons, you see, I wasn’t in the doghouse, I just didn’t want to disturb Sarah who was already passed out in the bigger bed). As per usual it was straight out of bed and off to breakfast, when we had our fill we returned to the room for an hour or so, waiting for the sun to rise. When it eventually did it was off to the pool. We spent a few more hours there, it was almost like a private resort just for us as not a single person showed up until we were ready to leave. Our travelling trip was starting to look like a bad joke, as this day was another write off when it came to sightseeing.

After a quick shower back at the room, we were ready in time to catch the 2pm shuttle bus into town. When we arrived we stopped in a travel shop in order to book a bus to Nha Trang, as well as an open ticket to several other stops for later on down the road. We didn’t have enough money to buy the whole ticket, instead we put down a deposit and said we’d be back after dinner. Like usual the same old routine happened, we walked around town until we found somewhere to eat. We chose the same location as the day before, Cargo, not only did they sell desserts, but they also had a variety of main dishes. I couldn’t resist the urge and once again ordered a burger, I mixed it up a bit by choosing the bacon burger option, at one point I nearly picked a pizza but wasn’t strong enough to handle the disappointment one more time. Their prices were quite high for Vietnam, but they made up for it with the quality of each meal. We couldn’t handle dessert at that time, so, we paid up and wandered the streets again.

Sarah was (and still is) adamant she would replace her wardrobe she has with her, growing tired of her clothes already, and making paper thin excuses in order to buy new ones. Such as, “well, the clothes in my bag are getting a bit tatty anyways.” Needless to say, the shops we looked around were all tailors, as each one was packed with dresses. She even went as far as trying one on in a store, but wasn’t happy with the way it fit (or the price) so the pair of us left. We looked at several stores as we continued to walk through town, each time I’d hear “oh, that’s a really nice dress,” from the eager beaver beside me. Regardless of all the umming and ah-ing, Sarah didn’t buy any dresses, and she really surprised me when we stopped in a small Chinese temple. Unlike our usual visits to temples, we were only in there for a maximum of two minutes before she had had enough, to be honest you could see everything by spinning on the spot. When we decided to leave town we had just missed the shuttle bus back by a few minutes, it wasn’t so bad as we were only a few minutes from the hotel anyway.

When we got back, Sarah used my phone to Skype her dad, I used that time to get back in the pool and mess around. There was a few problems with Skype at that time, so instead Sarah turned it into a photo shoot with me being the model. After the vogue Christmas special, we returned to the room and remained there for at least three hours. Sarah “The Nerd” Duxbury spent that time reading her kindle, while Ben “The Cool Guy” Norris watched the hit US tv series “Sons of Anarchy.” At seven pm we caught the shuttle bus back into town, as we were now ready for our desserts. There was only one place we were wanting to go, so, for the second time that day, we hit up Cargo. After the brownie and ice cream, and the chocolate cheesecake (don’t worry nanny, their cakes have nothing on yours. How’s your new oven treating you now anyways? I hope you’re finding it easier to bake cakes) we took an evening stroll to a new part of town.

Hoi An’s town centre was really busy on this particular evening, I imagine it was always like that had we actually arrived before nine pm. At night the streets are beautiful, with the only lighting coming from lanterns hanging from trees and buildings. We decided to cross a bridge over the river to explore the little island on the other side. As we crossed, I believe we ruined three families photographs, and broke the hearts of several club reps when we declined their pamphlets which contained bar promotions. We didn’t stay for long, but to my annoyance there was a bloody market. Like a moth to a flame Sarah wandered, it only took fifteen market stalls before she realised (and openly said) they all sold the same tat, with that we decided to call it a night. Looking at the clock we realised, if we were quick, we’d be able to catch the return shuttle bus at ten past eight.

With a quick hop step we made our way through the hustle and bustle (passing a game of hacky sack on the way) until we arrived bang on time at the tailor/pick up point. The lady on the shop rang the guy for us, while I darted across the street to grab my beloved a bottle of cool refreshing water. Within five minutes we were collected and returned safely to the temple that was Southern Hotels and Villas. We had become so familiar with the receptionists by this point that we didn’t even need to ask for our room key, as they had it ready and waiting in their hand. We got back to the room and spent some of the evening looking for our next hotel, but for the most part of it, we promised we’d do something more eventful soon.

I truly am sorry readers for the severe lacklustre of our past week or so, but as the hit song goes….. “Things can only get better!!!!!”


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