Day 48: iDidit iBought an iPhone

It felt like a lifetime we had been asleep for, when in actuality, it was only four hours. We awoke to find Brandon having a little panic attack after a cockroach (a small one at that) had crawled over his back and hidden itself behind his bed. In the end he left the room, and, went to the internet cafe, leaving us to deal with it. It was quite difficult to identify the creature on the wooden flooring, not only because it was camouflaged, but also because I was hungover. Eventually I located the rare delicacy of Asia, and escorted it out of the room, using a cardboard box, all the while, Sarah was shouting “just kill it, just kill it.” Upon achieving my goal of sweeping it from our room, the landlord witnessing me playing cockroach hockey, pointed to his dustbin and brush he was using, I slapped shot the insect to the goal, where, Sarah informs me, he killed it… what a wasted effort! With that sorted, the pair of us returned to our beds to catch some more zees. Brandon returned a couple hours later, where, he too, slept for about an hour. We all rose around eleven, then Sarah and I showered before getting dressed and going for breakfast down the street.

The restaurant was part of a hostel, and was right next door to an internet cafe which we used to print off our flight information that we would need for the following day. During this time, I returned to our hostel to grab my bag, as we had left Brandon in charge of our stuff. When I stepped through the door, Brandon was in the middle of sorting out his next room. There was a crazy Frenchman who clearly had some money (as well as mental) problems. He asked Brandon if he’d mind bailing him out after only knowing him for five minutes, he declined the Frenchman’s rather forward question, with that the peculiar gentleman disappeared with the room key and we didn’t see him again for the rest of the day. When I returned to Sarah, she had printed off what we needed, and found places to stay, we returned to the hostel again to pack our bags, and, leave them in the storage area for the day. With that sorted, Brandon went looking for hostels, while the two of us caught a ride to the Pantip Plaza, again, as today, Sarah was adamant she would buy her own tablet device.

We caught a tuktuk for ten baht (twenty pence), and only had the one stop on route. It was another tailor store, fortunately, we had a much smoother, not to mention, quicker, process than the previous day, and we were soon back on track, heading towards Pantip. It was just as busy on this day as last time, we put this down to the fact Christmas was coming up, and there being a massive discount sale. We returned to the iPhone store, as, during our previous visit, one of the employees had informed me, they might have white ones in stock the next day. Luckily for me, they did, I signed all the paper work, and after a long thought process, I purchased the new iPhone 5. It would turn out to be a smart process, as, although it was a lot of money, I now had a really good camera, and it would also mean Sarah wouldn’t have waste money on a device. I saw the purchase as an early Christmas present to myself, as well as a small chunk from my redundancy package from work, it was a tricky decision to make, and I’m still not sure if I did the right thing, as when you have no money coming in, and you realise how far four hundred pounds can get you here, it seems like a very spontaneous thing to do. Next came the purchasing of a screen protector, which a talented stall owner fitted, god bless her, and a case to add additional protection to my new baby. With both items bought, we were set to leave, when Sarah decided she still wanted to buy a tablet, we made our way back up two floors, before I convinced her it would be a mistake. With that, we exited the building and hailed a taxi to Khoa San, clearly, whatever money we save on the way there, we lost during our return journey. The taxi driver refused to do a meter run, costing us one hundred and forty baht (two pounds eighty), we got back in good time, then walked back to our hostel to place our bags in a secure locker.

Sarah learned, somehow, that Brandon was staying in the hostel next door. We walked in and asked the lady if she had seen our friend, the best way to describe him to non English speakers, is to twiddle an imaginary moustache. She knew who we meant and informed us he had gone out. To burn some time, we took our tablet to a local restaurant that had WiFi, we stayed there for at least three hours, writing to friends and family, and sorting out some online banking. We had agreed to meet Brandon at the hostel around six p.m. earlier that day, with the clock reading five forty five, we made our way back. When we arrived, for once, he was punctual and on time. We didn’t go out anywhere, instead we did quite the contrary and stayed at his hostel watching episodes of Homeland on his bunk bed. During this time, Sarah encouraged me to grab my iPhone and charge it up. It was a good idea, as it would have been like killing two birds with one stone, as not only would it charge, but Brandon also had an iPhone and he could show me the ropes. It didn’t take long to charge, and when it was ready I began playing with it. The three of us remained at the hostel for, roughly, three hours, before deciding to make a move. We walked down the stairs, and I returned our tablet to the locker, when I came back out, Brandon and Sarah, were talking with a couple girls, one of which was our Australian friend Renee, who we met in Laos.

There was a guy with them, I presumed they had met him on their travels somewhere along the lines, I didn’t catch his name, but, the six of us made our way to Koa San, just to stretch our legs. It was the girls last night and they were adamant they’d see a ping pong show before they returned home. Not having enough money, or alcohol we left them to it, with the promises of seeing them again when we got to Oz. That left just the three of us again, we had a little look around, laughing at all the drunken idiots stumbling around, before walking back. On the return journey, we witnessed a little ginger kitten playing with something, upon closer inspection, we noticed it was a cockroach. Not wanting Brandon to have flashbacks, we took some pictures on our iPhone’s and continued walking. We returned to Brandon’s hostel to attempt to watch some more Homeland, the episode we wanted to watch wouldn’t play, so, with that we decided to grab our bags and head to the airport. Before leaving, we were told off for being in his dorm room, as guests were supposed to wait outside, with the strict warning “next time you come, you wait outside,” hahaha, if only she knew, there wouldn’t be a next time.

With heavy hearts, we said a sad farewell to another good friend we had made on our adventure. Brandon was certain we’d never see each other again, little does he know, I planted spy cameras everywhere on his person, and had a team of agents wire up his house, you don’t watch Homeland and not pick up a trick or two. We promised him, one day we’d be stateside, and of course we’d visit him when we got there. Next came the handshakes and hugs, before we waved goodbye, as we made our way into the distance. I hailed us a taxi, and as luck would have it, it was a meter taxi. He agreed to take us to the airport, Sarah got in first, while I put the bags in the boot, with us both seated, off we went, leaving Bangkok in our rearview. It took around half an hour to get us there, and the journey only came to one hundred and ninety baht (just under four pounds). It was getting on for one a.m. when we arrived, inside all of the check in could terse were closed, meaning we had to rough it on the chairs. There were plenty of people already sleeping, so we were in good company, I said to Sarah she should sleep, as, nit being a night owl, she was exhausted. I used the time we had to type up this here blog, and watch some movies, while I waited for the office to open for my iPhone’s tax refund, as well as the airport staffs early morning arrival.

Time soon kept around to half past four and with that the airport started coming to life. Each check in desk for the different airlines began to fill with customers, and, each store began to fill with employees. The pair of us made our way to check in, where we played a game of which line is the quickest. We switched one time, as our line was moving very slowly, only to find, like usual, the original line began moving faster. After we waved goodbye to our bags, we made our way through immigration, followed by the metal detectors in a rather quick fashion, next, came time for breakfast. Sarah had a nice sandwich in Starbucks but I, like any other sane person, I chose Subway. With the main meal of the day sorted, we continued to our boarding gate, where we had a nice surprise, we randomly bumped into a girl we shared a bus with from Laos to the border. She informed us her bad luck continued with buses, and that another one she was on broke down, she claims she was probably the reason why our bus had a flat tire… not to reassuring to hear when you’re about to board an aeroplane, I just hoped her curse was restricted to land vehicles. Eventually boarding time rolled around and the gates opened for us to start our next adventure, after meeting a great group of guys in Thailand and sticking with them for so long, it was now time for us to move on, all the while wondering who we would meet next…


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