Day 46: The Day The Earth Stood Still

For anyone who is still sticking with this blog, I can only apologise for the following few paragraphs, it’s going to be the literary equivalent of watching paint dry, but here it goes…

Today would be our last day in Chiang Mai, as we had a flight to catch from Bangkok to Vietnam on the third of december. This meant we had two days to play with, but ideally we wanted a bus for that evening, as this would give us a night in Bangkok to go out and play. I left Sarah in bed, then went down to speak with Adam to arrange a ride. He picked up the phone to enquire for me, but after hanging up, he informed me they were all sold out, his next piece of advice was to go to the bus station ourselves because they’d still have spaces available. I returned to our room to tell Sarah the “good news,” she jumped out of bed and got dressed, we returned to the lobby to tell Brandon the plan, to which he gave is some money, but stayed at the hostel, while we went to the station. We arrived via red truck and luckily arranged for a bus that evening at seven p.m. Itwas a nice double decker VIP style vessel, with comfortable reclining seats. With that achieved, we returned to our hostel to clear out our room by midday. We got in the room around eleven forty five, so Sarah quickly showered while I packed my bag. Laden with both bags (like usual) I carried them downstairs, where we informed Brandon that he’d be joining us on the journey to Bangkok a day earlier than he’d anticipated. He was happy enough with what we had done, then continued to mess around with photos on the computer.

We chilled out at the lobby for a bit while trying to sort out our online check in, which transpired to be more of a hindrance than an time saver. Frustrated with the pc’s lack of cooperation, the two of us went out for breakfast, we located a quaint resort around the corner from us. The food was cheap, not to mention, mouth watering delicious. We paid up after eating, and, returned to the hostel to tackle the self check in service once again. Having the same problem as last time, Sarah decided to Skype her dad to see if he could remedy our situation. Thankfully, he did and sent it through to us via email, the next person on Sarah’s Skype list, her sister Jenny. While she was chatting with her sister, and learning all of Isla’s new found vocabulary, my concentration was solely on the variety of books beside me on a bookshelf. There was everything from travel books to what to expect when you’re expecting, the one which caught my eye the most though, a book which had half it’s pages missing, starting from page number 210. I began flicking through the pages and it transpired to be a raunchy novel by a guy named Henry Miller. I put it down not long after Sarah was done with her sister, by this point the time had crept around to five o’clock, so we decided to go back to the resort for a pre ten hour bus journey meal. We were only there for an hour before returning to the hostel to grab Brandon, as we had to be at the bus station for half past six.

We said our goodbyes to Corey and wished him all the best in his travels, we then proceeded to grab a red truck to the station. When we arrived, our bus was ready and waiting, we threw the driver our bags, climbed the stairs and found our seats. During our journey, Sarah and I, enjoyed the remaining battery life of our tablet device by watching episodes of a tv show named “The Walking Dead,” we used to watch this back home, but missed the new series when we began travelling. It lasted us until around midnight when Sarah decided she’d go to sleep, I attempted to type up some of my blog, with what battery I had left, however, it died not long after meaning I had no other choice but to try and sleep. I struggled at first because I was still quite awake, but, just as soon as I felt myself drifting off, I was prodded by Brandon to let me know we had arrived at a bus station and we’d get a free meal by showing the chefs our tickets. There was a reason the food was free as it tasted like garbage, the eggs were extremely salty, there was rice soup (whoever likes that), as well as a bowl of weird spiced vegetables. I tried one of each food but left it where it was. Half an hour later, we were back on the road, where, for the rest of the journey the three of us slept until we arrived in Bangkok at five thirty a.m.

When we were waiting for our bags, Sarah befriended a Canadian girl named Jess who had been travelling for the past year and a half and was returning to Bangkok to fly home. The four of us shared a taxi to our old friend Koa San road for three hundred baht. Maybe it was down to the fact we were all exhausted, or maybe she was a lady of few words, but, when Sarah tried to have a conversation with Jess, she was very vague in her responses. Fifteen minutes later, we arrived on a strip full of guesthouses, we passed many people who were still out drinking from the night before as we made our way to the first guesthouse. We were extremely lucky (or so we thought) as there was one, two bed room left for three hundred baht, this was two pounds each, so obviously, we were quick to accept the offer. This wasn’t such a great idea, it’s funny how sleep deprivation can make any bed look attractive. When we got to the room it was very small to say the least, we gained some more room by pushing the two beds together which meant our bags could fit in there with us, however, next came the sleeping arrangements, which in a word was certainly an “experience!!!!!”


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