Day 45: TukTuk Us The Wrong Way

There’s two things worse than waking up with a hangover, and that’s waking up with a hangover in a very humid country, and having to check out from your room by midday. I woke up around nine thirty a.m. no thanks to the gangnam song (somehow on this particular morning it strangely lost it’s charm… I wonder why). Neither of us were wanting to climb out of bed for our free breakfast, so instead we chose to turn off the alarm and attempt to sleep off our boozy past. Usually my pre-emptive hangover trick works, this involves drinking a couple of pints of water before bed, however, seeing as we didn’t have enough water to hand, when it came time for me to use the bathroom I soon became aware of the reality that I’d be in for a day of misery. Sarah woke earlier than myself, and used this time to play about with the tablet, I didn’t want to do anything so stayed asleep until eleven forty five, it was then, Sarah informed me we had to check out in fifteen minutes.

With that sobering information, I stumbled out of bed to pack up all my belongings into my bag, the whole while trying my hardest to not throw up. When we were done the time was twelve o’one, we left the room looking tidy and made our way to reception. It was a good job we left it in a tidy manner, as the staff told us they had to check the room before we could check out. With their approval we left the lovely hotel, and headed to our next home for the night, DeeJai backpackers. We knew the way, but because we were laden with our bags, we thought it would be easier to get a truck to take us. How wrong we were. Athough the guesthouse itself was remarkable, no bloody drivers knew where it was. Using the address that Corey gave us, we showed one driver and he agreed to take us for a small price. We drove for ages, and at one point we even passed the road it was on, but because it was a one way street we couldn’t go up it. He went around and around, in the end he gave up and let us out free of charge, but, because Sarah thought he dropped us near the building she told me to pay him something (I gave him twenty baht, forty pence). Soon after, we located a tuktuk, with a bit of team effort we arrived at thwarted front doors, I couldn’t help thinking it would have been easier….. and quicker to have walked.

It took roughly an hour and a quarter before we reached our hostel, so the time was around half past two. We soon checked in and put the deposit down on our room key and I got chatting with the guy behind the counter, whos name was Adam and was a very friendly and helpful chap. It was my tattoo that caught his eye (it’s a great ice breaker, for those of you who don’t always want to, or can’t be bothered to start conversations, just pay over a thousand pounds and get yourself tattooed, it’s worked for me, even when I don’t want it to) and he informed me of a friend of his that was tattooing in Thailand. Due to me being hungover, I tried my best, but didn’t really offer much in terms of conversation, I didmt really feel with it at that point, I even walked away forgetting to pick up my change, luckily Adam called me back for it. Before walking up to our room we saw all the guys from the previous night sat around a table, we told them we’d be back down shortly, but ended up staying in our room for a good hour or so. When we came back down, it was only Brandon left chilling out on a beanbag. We were quite hungry and saw the guesthouse sold food, we both chose a burger and fries, which was, in a word, adequate for what we wanted. Brandon joined us at the table and we discussed what we were doing with the rest of our day.

Having a hangover meant we didn’t want to do much, so, in the end we decided that staying in our room and watching homeland (a tv show we had grown to love, it’s soooooo good) was a perfect idea. We walked to the local seven eleven to get some snacks for our lazy day before the three of us chilled out in our air conditioned room, in a comfy bed, watching some intense drama. We were here for a good few hours until we ran out of episodes, this meant only one thing, we’d have to download some more, no thanks to their brilliant cliffhangers. Sarah stayed in bed, while I went back down to the lobby, before I left the room, I was given two tasks, 1. Find out about train/bus times and prices, 2. Get some more bog roll. In the lobby I was closer to the router which meant it would make downloading the episodes a quicker process than in our room, whilst that was happening I worked on my blog and revised a sheet on the main desk which contained information on buses. Shortly after, Sarah joined me in and I showed what I had learned, however, she still enquired about further information on trains and buses, as there were several different sorts on offer. It turned out, the hostel could book a bus for us but not a train, this meant we had to go to the train station ourselves. I returned to the room (with toilet paper in tow) and took a shower, I then rejoined Sarah and Brandon in the lobby, more people had joined in my absence, it was the American guys from the night before, with whom, Sarah was exchanging photos from the festival.

When we were ready Brandon, Sarah and I caught a truck to the train station, we arrived to be told some bad news, all the trains were sold out, unless we wanted to buy a first class ticket for a high price. We decided we’d arrange a bus with the guys at the hostel the next day as it would easier, as well as our last hope. With that waste of time out of the way we decided to go to town, as Brandon wanted to capture some pictures. As soon as we climbed out of the truck, Brandon noticed he’d forgot to pack a memory card for his camera. Fortunately for him, we’d be passing the night bazaar soon enough. We followed the usual pathway, weaving in and out of stalls, until we reached one which was selling them. He did his best to barter, but unsure of the products compatibility he left it, hoping to find another elsewhere. Again, we did the usual routine we had come accustomed to, of casually walking by everything on offer, occasionally enquiring about price, until we located a shop selling camera equipment. Seeing as it was a shop, the prices were a lot higher, with that Brandon left us to it, saying he would return to the stall and would see us back at the hostel after he’d taken some photos of the lanterns. The two of us then went for food, I was feeling in the mood for a pizza with that, we returned to a place we had passed during our walk which had them on their menu. Unlike the burgers of Ping’s Burger Queen which were the best i had ever had, I still hadn’t found a restaurant that sold the perfect pizza, unfortunately, my search still continued after leaving The Kitchen as it seriously lacked in flavour and thickness.

When I was finished with the disappointing meal, we walked around the grounds of the festival, which was still going on. It was a nice sight to behold, everyone was happy, the locals were sharing food with friends and families around their tables, others were drinking, mad some were even playing carnival games. We walked toward the river and saw hundreds of Krathongs floating down the water, and in the sky were hundreds of lanterns, it was quite an evening. After Sarah bought some food, we walked back down the night bazaar strip to fetch a red truck to DeeJai. For once our driver knew where he was going, this saved a lot of time and energy on our part, as it meant we wouldn’t have to walk from a random location after the driver gave up again. Back at the hostel, we sat with Corey for a while before Brandon came back to join us. The four of us sat there for a while until looking at photos Brandon had taken, as well as downloading more episodes of Homeland. Corey was the first one to call it a night, followed by the three of us half an hour later, however, we invited Brandon back to our room so we could all enjoy our new addiction, Homeland. It started off great, I was enjoying every minute of the award winning show, until, the next thing I knew I was a dribbling mess on the pillow. Not long after the show ended, Brandon was evicted from our room, we then enjoyed our last night in Chiang Mai under the cooling presence of an air conditioning unit (a luxury of which we wouldn’t get so easily in Bangkok).


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