Day 42: Twi-hard

For the first time in a while Sarah and I had time to ourselves, and, like usual we stayed in bed until late morning as this time there was nobody to disturb us. I woke up around ten thirty much to Sarah’s annoyance, we led there in bed together watching the music channel on tv. When we grew tired of that we watched Homeland on our tablet. Needless to say, it was around two thirty before we left the room, seeing as our hotel charged to use the internet we were in search of a cafe with free WiFi. The most obvious choice for us was Starbucks, as if you remember, my mum bought us a pre loaded loyalty card, however, when we arrived and ordered our drinks we were told we’d have to pay extra to use their internet. Not wanting to pay when there were other establishments in town that gave it to you for free, we drank our Christmas specials and left (they were really nice too, I had the toffee one, Sarah had the cranberry, so, again, thanks mum).


The pair of us made our way up the road on our search for the intangible internet, browsing stalls along the way until we spotted one that sold nice rings, they claimed to be 92.5% real silver but from the way they looked I’m not so sure. They had one ring that caught our eye, it was a solid band for men, on it there were elephants following each other, however, when she told us the price (nearly thirty pounds back home) we thanked the lady and left, with Sarah telling me we could find it cheaper on another stall. We continued up the road until we were stopped by a local man (like usual my tattoo caught his eye to which he pointed then began conversing with us). Unlike most others this man didn’t have an ulterior motive, he simply wanted to chat. He told us of things to do in Chiang Mai, and how the temple we happened to be stood outside of would be having a fireworks display later that evening. We thanked him for his information and said our goodbyes, then, proceeded in the same direction we were heading. We followed the road around the corner until we spotted a sign that read in big bold lettering ” FREE WIFI,” this was lucky for us as by this point we were beginning to give up hope of ever finding it. We darted into the cafe and ordered two cans of coke in order to receive the pass code, when online we made some Skype calls to the family as well as writing to friends on facebook. Our main aim was to find out cinema times because we remembered the new twilight film was out (Sarah is team Jacob, and I am team Edward, we are such polar opposites, but we make it work). Seeing as Chiang Mai had a complex containing a cinema, we figured that’s where we’d spend the remainder of our day.

Before we left, Sarah didn’t get the chance to speak with her dad properly because the internet stopped working, her only hope was that we’d find some again in the central airport plaza. We hailed down a red truck and we were taken on a fifteen minute drive there. Inside, we located a black canyon coffee store where I had a vanilla shake and Sarah got the chance to speak WITH her dad and TO Isla (she’s a baby you see, so her vocabulary is lacking somewhat). When we were done we bought our tickets, but there was a fifty minute wait before the film started, we used this time to order some food from the nearby food court. After our meals it was time to watch the movie, we ordered some popcorn and a drink then went through the whole rigorous routine of watching Asian commercials and standing for the king. The film itself was fantastic, with everyone dying at the end… just kidding…. or am I!!?!?! Going to the cinema is always great back home, but it’s so much more enjoyable when it’s not as easily available to you, it makes it more of a treat, and it was nice on that day for it to be just Sarah and I doing it together.

When we exited the plaza, Sarah noticed some Christmas elephants outside (this was basically normal elephant statues, they just had Christmas hats on instead) and was determined she was going to get a picture with them, here’s the evidence in question….


We hailed another truck and returned to our hostel, when we arrived we asked the driver to wait outside while we dashed upstairs to drop off our bag and get changed. It was a shame we didn’t have any internet because we couldn’t see where Brandon and the guys were, as the previous night I had promised I’d go out drinking with him. When we were ready we returned to the truck and he drove us to the night bazaar, as we were set to see some fireworks. It transpired, there were no fireworks that night, we learned of this by visiting a local tourist information, thankfully, they gave us information on the Loy Krathong Festival we had returned to Chiang Mai specifically to see. Happy in the knowledge we wouldn’t miss the festival the following two nights, we wandered around the markets. It turned out to be a really good evening, as for once, Sarah and I put our hands in our pockets and bought some items. During our time there, I purchased a nice vest (or tank top for my American readers) a purple bracelet, and some iron on badges for my bag in the form of flags from countries I have visited. Sarah, bought similar items, she too bought some badges, a pink vest, and a nice bracelet with little bells on them, at one point she was tempted to buy a replica Tiffany’s & Co bracelet. She decided against it claiming she’d have no reason to wear it (the knock off items are so good here that to the untrained eye you’d almost believe they were the real thing). When we were done shopping we grabbed a delicious Subway sandwhich before catching a truck back to the hotel, where in our room we enjoyed some television in bed, a luxury of which we hadn’t had since home.


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