Days 27: Our New Friend, Mr Chang

Waking up with a mild hangover, in the heat of Thailand, isn’t the best way to start a day. Yet, this had been the hand I was dealt. I did my best to function, stumbling all over the place, as my eyes adjusted to the light. When Sarah and I were ready, we went to see Duncan, and asked if he’d like to join us for breakfast. As we were set to leave, we saw Suzy, who had told us, she was going to be spending the day with an Italian guy she met, who knew the area quite well.

We chose the Good Food place, as, if there was anywhere, that could alleviate this hangover, it would be there. As predicted, with the aid of a bacon baguette, a can of coke, and a watermelon shake, I was fixed. We decided we were going to have a lazy day today, so all three of us headed back to the hostel, where we would hang out at the pool all day.

During this time, the brave (or stupid) ones, would sit in the blistering heat, swinging side to side in their hammocks. There were six of us at the pool, Brandon, Cleo, Josh, Sarah, Duncan, and myself . We sat there chatting, listening to the music Brandon put on in the background, while Cleo and himself played a ball game in the waist high pool. Occasionally, when you’re travelling, conversations turn to politics. As tedious as the subject can be, it is good to talk with people from other countries about it, as you get a chance to learn their side of the story. Whereas, in your home countries, you are only educated on one side of certain topics. After the sun had gone in, we decided to go back to our rooms, and, freshen up.

When we were ready, Brandon, Suzy, Duncan, Sarah, and I went to town for food, we chose a little place named The Steakhouse. I am pretty sure the steak was that of a dog, as i have never had a piece of meat that small before. We had some entertainment, in the form of a singer, and guitar player. They were both very talented, so we tipped them as we left. Next, we stopped in the seven eleven for some beers, before heading back to the hostel, for one last night with our American buddies.

At Darling, we played the same card game as usual, drinking the beer we had purchased earlier. During this game, I managed to become president, three times running. This was nice, as it gave me power over other people, and, allowed me to wear a red cape (that bit, I took upon myself, to be a part of my presidency). Some say I abused my power, as when you’re president, you can tell people to drink, I mostly told Brandon to do this, he liked it…. I think. Also, I had Duncan as my vice president, which was great, as together, we made the world a better place that night, not to mention, he was probably the first gay man in office.

During this game, a little Thai guy showed up, he couldn’t speak any English, yet to every girl that joined us, he presented his identification card, to tell them his name. He would constantly point at our friend Josh’s cards, and make a loud laughing sound, that went “aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww haw haw haw.” Whenever we’d swig on our drinks, as part of the game, he’d raise his glass also. We nicknamed him Mr Chang by the end of the night (a character from the Hangover films). Sarah and I soon went to bed, after we had enough of drinking, however, the following morning, we were informed, Mr Chang ended up so drunk, that he couldn’t stand up straight, and, was holding onto the back of two chairs for dear life, resembling that of someone water skiing.


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