Day 36: My, What Big Teeth You Have

Our second day in Luang Prabang, and, because we no longer had our sitcom hangout spot, the Otherside, we agreed to meet for breakfast at the nearest breakfast bar. The prices of this place were extortionate (well, I say extortionate, but it would be the same price as back home). It was Charlotte, Cleo, Brandon Sarah, Jenna, and I, that all met around ten a.m. for our first meal of the day, where we decided what activity we should get up to.

After breakfast, Jenna moved into our room with us, to help split the bill. Jenna was a friend of ours who we met in Pai. Jenna was from Los Angeles, sported a head of blonde hair, and, was the only person we knew, that went jogging for fun whilst travelling. We all agreed to meet at midday, to go see one of the various waterfalls of Luang Prabang. During this time, Sarah and I, visited a tourist information centre, where we purchased a map, as we wanted to locate the Vietnamese consulate. After a ten minute walk, we located the building, where Sarah and I, filled out a form, gave them our passports, and, handed over twenty dollars each. We were told we could return in three days, to find our passports, and visas waiting for us.

When we were done there we returned to the hostel, where we found everyone else, and the six of us hopped in a tuktuk, for a half an hour journey to see some breathtaking waterfalls. When we arrived, we discovered, it wasn’t just waterfalls, but also a bear reserve. Brandon and I waited, while the girls took photos of the bears. It didn’t take long, before we set off for the first waterfall. It was ashame, as there were lots of tourists at the swimming area, which had rope swings, and a waterfall you could jump from. So, we continued up hill, until we found the biggest one of them all.
This waterfall consisted of three levels, the very top waterfall fell down upon the second, and the second to the first, looking like a giant garden fountain. It was here, with the first waterfall, that Brandon and I, wanted to defeat mother nature, by defying the sheer intensity of the waters crushing power, and climb behind it. Brandon was wearing one of the go pro cameras, meaning he could record anything, anywhere. With that in tow, Brandon and I, ventured closer, and closer to the waterfall, being hit with each lashing droplet that sprayed from the rocks. Pretty easily, we made it behind, before we headed back to regroup.


Our next challenge came, when we braved the cold temperatures of the swimming area. It wasn’t enough for Brandon and I, to just slide in gently, instead we had to jump in from atop a waterfall. It doesn’t sound that scary, but when you are looking down, and you don’t know how deep the water is, let me tell you, it’s pretty nerve racking. Regardless, Brandon gave me a count down, and with him recording, I jumped in. Luckily it was deep enough, however, the water shot up my nose, and to my ears, leading me to believe I would receive an ear infection. The next challenge came in the form of the rope swing, Brandon and I, took it in turns, and we both landed gracefully in the water (well, as gracefully as two six foot plus men could). When all was said and done, we left the waterfall, and, returned to town in our tuktuk, waving at all the locals on the way.


Back in town, Brandon and I, visited our wife to be. She was a lady that created the best sandwiches in town, it was just what we needed after our hard water aerobics session. We ate them beside our wife’s stall, then returned to our hostel. Cleo, Jenna, Brandon, Sarah and myself, then went exploring around the town, the girls wanted to buy an all you could eat buffet meal. We soon found the alley where this food was served, then came the hard job of finding a table to sit at. While the ladies ate, Brandon and I, had a beer instead of food, during this time, we got chatting to an American couple, who were sat at the same table. They were only travelling for three weeks, but had already seen so much, we gave them a few pointers on what to see in their next area, then said our goodbyes.

When the girls had finished eating, we grabbed some more beers, and, returned to the hostel to continue drinking. We played with a toy that Brandon bought at the market, firing it into the air, and watching it dance to earth, while it’s l.e.d light sparkled in the nights sky. While sitting there drinking, a little four legged companion joined us, we first noticed this dog during breakfast, where we gave her the name Snaggle Tooth, due to her bottom teeth rising above her upper lip. She stayed with us for the whole evening, even joining us, when we walked to the market stalls for another sandwich. Unfortunately, our wife had ran out of baguettes, so, we had to commit adultery, and have another woman prepare them for us, it wasn’t the same, even Snaggle Tooth wanted nothing to do with it.


We all walked back to the hostel, with Snaggles skipping along beside us, where we sat outside and chatted, before saying goodnight to our new canine friend. The four of us headed to our room, where, we bullied Brandon for a bit, on various topics, but, mostly his terrible use of the English language. He soon had revenge, as, when it came to getting into bed, and turning out the lights, he snored the roof off, and at one point yelled, “run Forest,” when we attempted to wake him up!


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