Day 33: Two Guys, One River

The day started out the same as every other day in Laos, with Duncan, Sarah and myself all rising from bed late. We joined the rest of the guys at our breakfast spot, where the plan for the three of us that day, was to do nothing, and just watch tv. However, after eating my tuna baguette, and my second, chicken baguette, I was persuaded by Brandon, back at my room, to do another days tubing. While Sarah and Duncan, remained in bed.

We went through the usual routine of paying for our tubes, and signing our names on the form, followed by the short trip via tuktuk to the river. Here, Brandon and I, managed to end up free from the group, after the floating daisy chain, that was our group, snapped. It was nice to hang out with Brandon, as he and I are very similar in personality. In the sense that we share similar beliefs, and if our opinions ever varied slightly on topics, it allowed us to see things from a new perspective.

The journey down the Vang Vieng river lasted around three hours, during which time, we sipped on the rum and coke mix, we created before hand. We had some good bonding time, during those three hours, where we discussed various subjects, ranging from, love, life, family, politics, you name it, we probably covered it. When we reached the end of the river, I felt as though we both walked away from the experience with a new found respect for each other.

We always found we had to shower after the river, as the water wasn’t all that clean, or healthy. With that process done, and the both of us smelling like flowers, we went to the Otherside for some food. After I was done there, I returned to my room with Duncan and Sarah, to watch some movies on the television, while typing up my blog. After an hour or so had passed, Brandon came to join us. Here, he and I, drank some alcohol which was in the room, courtesy of Duncan, before deciding to hit the town, Laos style.

Brandon and I, left the room, and proceeded to a local bar. The bar contained a half decent pool table, which two guys were playing at, and, the bar itself was fairly busy, for a small town. We ordered a beer each, and got ourselves a booth to lye down at. It was five seconds we were sat there for, before the village drunk came over, asking for a lighter. We told him we didn’t smoke, but this French deadlocked idiot wouldn’t leave. Brandon was polite enough to introduce himself, and, wished the guy the best in his search for a lighter, with that, he drunkenly staggered off, to annoy more non-smokers.

We were only at the bar for an hour, before the curfew kicked in and we had to leave. The pair of us grabbed a beer each, and headed for the bridge. Here, we continued the sort of deep, meaningful conversations we were having earlier that day, about life plans and the such, and, did our best to right the wrongs of the world through discussion. When our beers were empty, we headed back to the hostel. I said goodnight to my new best friend, and, returned to my room. Both of my little roommates were asleep at this point, with Sarah waking up as I closed the door, she soon went back to sleep, and I, finished typing up some of my blog. With another post finished, I got changed for bed, cleaned my teeth, then climbed into bed, to cuddle Sarah into a wonderful slumber.


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