Day 32: Rave In a Cave

Another lazy morning was had by Duncan, Sarah and I. With us waking up around ten thirty a.m., Brandon stopped by our room to see if we were up, as he wanted to us to join him for breakfast. With that, the three of us eventually climbed out of bed, got dressed, and went with Brandon to the Otherside. This place was our favourite spot, as, the food was cheap and had a lovely view of the mountains, and river.

After breakfast, we said goodbye to Cleo and Charlotte, as they were leaving to their next destination. The rest of our group decided to go to the blue lagoon, this was an area that you could chill out at, and explore the nearby cave. We waited for twenty minutes to pass by, before hopping into a tuktuk, as our friends Corey and Dominica chose to ride bikes, and this would mean we’d arrive at the same time.

On the way to the lagoon, we had to drive over the worst terrain imaginable. The whole way consisted of roads made of sand, and pebbles. With the occasional rickety bridge here and there. The whole way, we had to put up with the dust from the roads being churned up in our faces, making it hard for us to breath. We eventually arrived, and the area resembled something from a painting. The water was a rich shade of blue, possibly down to some form of oxidation occurring within the lagoon. As we walked across the bridge, we entered a green pasture, with six wooden gazebos situated along the waters edge. We located a gazebo that was free, and the group sat down for a while, before Corey suggested exploring the cave. It was Brandon, Corey, Dominica, Anna, Lauren, Christie, and myself that went into the cave, while Duncan, and Sarah stayed with our belongings. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any trainers, nor did Brandon, which meant we were going caving in flip flops. Before we made the steep incline, to reach the mouth of the cave, a few of the guys hired some headlights, as it was too dark to see anything inside without them.


When we made it into the cave, the first thing we noticed was a shrine, with a reclining Buddha. The statue had various items led around it, from people who came to pay their respects over time, but, the statue wasn’t the reason we visited the cave, our main mission was to explore. We followed arrows that were painted on the walls, instructing us on which way to go. The deeper we went, the darker it became, meaning we had to work as a group to navigate our way around. The exploration was made even trickier, due to the fact, Brandon and I, were in flip flops, occasionally losing them in patches of wet mud. The group became separated at one point, and Dominica had to find her way back in the darkness, where she bought a headlight of her own, then returned to the cave, and found us all.

At one point, we turned out the lights, to be completely engulfed in darkness, you couldn’t even see your hand infront of your face. With the lights back on, Brandon played music on his mobile phone, and we had a brief dance session. I stopped with Brandon temporarily, and the rest of the group wandered off, leaving Brandon and I, to find our way out using only the light from his iPhone. Eventually we did, and rejoined the group at the gazebo, here, we grabbed a couple beers, then went for a quick dip in the water, where people were jumping off branches, from the nearby tree, into the lagoon.


We returned to the tuktuk, and endured the same bumpy journey back to our hostel. When we returned, we got showered and changed, then headed to a restaurant which Corey was recommended. The food was terrible, and took an hour to reach our table, with that, we went to the Otherside, again, for some good food and quicker service. It was both Josh’s, and the American girls last night, before they caught a sleeper bus at eleven p.m. to their next destination. We stayed for a while at the restaurant, listening to music, eating, and, drinking fruit shakes, before we said goodbye, and wished them well in their journey ahead. Sarah and I, returned to our room, where Duncan already was, due to him not feeling well. When we were all cosy in our beds, we snuggled up, and watched some television, before calling it a night, after an exciting day in Laos.


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