Day 31: Hotpant Hunnies

It was around eleven a.m. when Duncan, Sarah and I, woke up, and around midday before we went for breakfast. At the Otherside, we joined the usual faces, Brandon, Corey, Josh, etc, where we were joking about buying some short shorts to go tubing in. This progressed from a joke, to an actuality, so, after breakfast, Brandon, Josh, Duncan, Sarah and I, walked to a local shop. Here, we bought five pairs of girls swimming shorts, much to the shop owners entertainment, then rejoined the group.

Sarah decided to skip tubing this time around, as she feared a repeat of the day before. As we walked down the street in our new shorts, the rest of the guys walked up to meet us, where, we were greeted with cheers. With them, were the three American girls from our coach trip to Laos. Their names were Lauren, Anna, and Christie. They had all met while working in Pennsylvania, and decided to go travelling as a group around Asia. We signed our names on the forms, and paid our money, we were given our tubes, then hopped in the tuktuk again. I was very aware of how short my shorts were during this trip, and also when I climbed out of the vehicle at the river. We took a shot of tiger whiskey and began our journey down the river. Luckily, we had alcohol on us again, and the more I drank, the less I cared about the shorts, by the end of the bottle, I was practically care free (just kidding mum, I was always aware of what was happening).

Half way down the river, there was one bar that was still open. Here, Corey bought a nice cold beer, and, outside of this bar was a bamboo bridge, which stretched across the river. Everyone took it in turns to jump from the bridge, originally, I wasn’t going to jump, as the water only came up to my chest. Being susceptible to peer pressure, I clambered up the slope, walked along the bridge, and jumped in, before a local pushing a cart could mow me down. I hit the water, but not the rocks below luckily, when I resurfaced, I noticed the water had gone up my nose, and in my ears. With a good blow of the nose and shake of my head, I was good.

We continued down the river on our tubes, unfortunately, the sun was setting, and all around us the mosquitoes were dancing. Eventually, we reached the point where we had to get out. Here, some small children from town waded out, in an attempt to bring us in to shore. I think I hit one with my tube, as I was moving pretty quickly, swimming backwards to get there on my own. These children were quite cheeky, as, they came out in the hope we’d give them money, for supposedly helping us ashore. What do you expect when you’re in a third world country though.

After returning our tubes, we made our way back to our hostel, where we met Sarah, who had been waiting for us for the past four hours. We headed to our room to shower, and got ready for the night ahead. We had some food and drinks at the Otherside, before heading to another bar just down the road. It was a strange little bar, where the toilets resembled a torture room, we were here for one drink, then, headed to the bridge. Sarah and I, didn’t stay there long, as we didn’t want to become mosquito prey, plus, it was quite boring. We returned to our room, where our friend Josh, gave us the gift of free air conditioning, by using the remote from his room. So, for the first time in a long while, we were able to sleep in a room, which was the same temperature as an English summer.


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