Day 25: Meditating With a Madman

On this day, like usual, our little gang, each rose from bed, and, prepared themselves, ready for ten a.m., we then proceeded to head out for breakfast. We hit up the Good Health restaurant, and ate. After, we climbed the stairs of the building, to do some meditating with an American instructor.

This guy was quite, “unique,”  to say the least, and, when it was over, I didn’t really get it. Basically, the guru, had us all sit in a circle, and told us from the beginning, “the main thing, is to not get it, you’re not supposed to learn anything from this, just simply sit there, you don’t have to sit in any special way, just relax.” He continued to crop up with these, nonsensical sentences throughout the session. Another favourite sentence of his, ” be aware of the awareness, while at the same time, ignoring the awareness,” well, if meditating is about relaxing, how are you supposed to achieve that, after being told a cryptic riddle! When our, free, half an hour was up, we left, all having the same mindset of it being a waste of time, however, one guy in the group, was thanking this guru to no end, claiming to be mind blown. He must have been somewhere else than us, as, all we discovered, was half an hour had passed.

We all got on our bikes, and, after a fuel stop, went to the infinity pool. We spent the majority of the day there. During this time, in the pool, I was chatting with our new friend Rob. I liked Rob, as he was one of those people, that’s easy to communicate with, due to him being down to Earth. We spoke about tattoos for about an hour, and, he told me of a place in Bangkok, named Wat Bang Pra. At this location, you can have a tattoo done by a monk, and, each tattoo holds some meaning within their religion. He also told me, how he was heading back there soon, so he could get one done.

It was around half four when we left the infinity pool, and, returned to the hostel. As a group, we decided to go to town for some food, during our walk there, Suzy, saw a guy who arranged tubing trips. We immediately paid the guy, as we got it cheaper, because there were four of us, this meant, we had something to look forward to the next day. Obviously, with it being Rob’s last night, I told him to try Burger Queen, sadly, Rob didn’t hold the same feelings as me for the place. After eating, we meandered around town. Rob was in a bit of pain, as his back had a few hernias. Meaning, whenever he stumbled, he would be in blinding pain. Luckily, he made it around town with us for a while, until we returned to the hostel.

Before, we called it a night, we were at the hang out spot of the hostel, drinking with friends, and, capturing memories, in the form of group photos. It wasn’t as lively on this evening, as most of the group had gone into town to get drunk, we wished Rob well in the rest of his journey, and, went back to our room. At our room, I removed my t shirt, only to hear these words, shouted at me, “OH, MY, GOD!” Turns out, at the pool that day, the areas of my back that I couldn’t reach, were bright red. Sarah kindly applied some Aloe Vera after sun, to sooth the pain, all the while calling me an idiot, I then fell asleep, feeling slightly itchy.


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