Day 23: To Infinity, And Beyond

This day started like the rest, with Sarah and I, rising around ten a.m. to everyone’s angst, as we kept them waiting. The previous night, we agreed to be ready for ten, by the time we were ready, it was eleven a.m., ah well. We all wandered into town, to a place called the Witching Well, this place sold mouth watering food, and, although it was a bit more expensive than others, you’d always get good value for money.

Around the table, Duncan, Rachel, Suzy, Sarah, myself, and Alex. Alex was part of a couple, that were travelling Asia together. She was fairly tall for a girl, probably around the five foot seven mark, very slim, and had long auburn hair. After breakfast, the group went for manicures, while I went back to the hostel to do some more work on my blog. I was in the room for about an hour, before Marteen, came and knocked on my door, asking if I wanted to go to the infinity pool with him, and Pieter. He said, he thought Suzy and the guys wanted to go, so, after finishing the post I was working on, I put on my swimming shorts, and, hopped on the back of Pieter’s scooter. The three of us went looking for the group, unfortunately, we couldn’t find them in town, meaning we must have just missed each other, and they were back at Darling. Being a bit peckish, Marteen, Pieter, and myself, went to the Wishing Well, again, where we had burgers and fries.

It wasn’t long, after we finished our meals that the guys passed us, making the search for them over. Sarah was staring daggers at me, as she saw on Facebook, that I said I was off to the infinity pool (a place of which, she wanted to go), on top of that, I had the room key, preventing her from getting in, at the resort. I did my best to cheer her up, before we all agreed to visit the hot springs later that day. I mounted the back of Pieter’scooter, where we did one last stop at the hostel, to grab some towels, then, like Buzz Lightyear, we were off to infinity.

On the way, my golden haired, extreme scooter rider, hardcore partier friend, Pieter, was pointing out places of interest, he took us the scenic route, as it had nicer views to admire. All the while, we were trying to keep up with Marteen. The Phu Phai Art Resort, wasn’t that far from our hostel, which meant it didn’t take long for us to arrive. You had to pay fifty baht, if you wanted to use the infinity pool, seeing as that’s only one pound back home, it was no big deal. The pool was astounding, it was the first infinity pool I had ever been to. It overlooked mountains, and fields rich in shades of yellow and green, here’s a picture, so you can see for yourselves.


We had a laugh at the pool, with the guys explaining what it was like for them back home. I couldnt help but feel, their hometown, and social scene, resembled mine somehow. The three of us stayed at the pool for about an hour, before we had to be back at Darling, to join the guys, in visiting the hot springs. To get there, this time, I had to ride on the back of Marteen’s scooter, as Pieter, wasn’t interested in joining us at the springs (I was tempted to get a bike myself, however, my nerves got the better of me, after seeing people covered in injuries, sustained from accidents, otherwise known as Pai tattoos). Sarah rode on the back of Duncan’s bike, as she trusted him, due to Duncan having a moped when he was sixteen. Rachel also hired a bike, as did Suzy, so, in a convoy of four bikes, we rode out, heading for the hot springs.

In Thailand, wearing a helmet is completely optional, however, occasionally, the police will warrant on the spot fines if they catch you without one. Although, when you hire a bike, they do encourage you to wear one. I didn’t have a helmet at this point, and Marteen, chose to not wear his. However, Sarah, Suzy, Rachel, and Duncan, were sensible enough to wear theirs. When we arrived, the sun was setting, but, we had enough light to enjoy the springs. Each pool varied in temperature, with some being too hot to enjoy. We eventually found one, which was perfect, it felt like a bubble bath, that was ran to just the right level of heat, minus the bubbles.

Rachel took some photos on her camera, as hers was waterproof, we all used the mud at the bottom of the water, as a cleansing agent, and scrubbed our pours clean. When we had enough, it was too dark to see where we were going. Fortunately, Suzy had a torch to guide us back to the bikes. On the way back, Marteen, pulled out from a junction, and, drove down the wrong side of the road, I told him this, as there was oncoming traffic, to which he apologised, and, got back on to the left hand side (he says he forgot where he was, as in Belgium, they drive on the right).

Back at the hostel, everyone got ready to go out for food, as it was the Belgium boys last night in Pai. They decided, we would eat at Ping’s Burger Queen, this was a great decision, as, Ping’s became my obsession. During our walk there, we randomly bumped into Max, the German guy we met in Chiang Mai, we invited him to join us, to which he accepted. He disappeared for a bit, but joined us in Burger Queen, moments later, with a random object in his hand. The reason for Max’s delay, he was distracted by a stall selling devices similar to Rubik cubes. He presented us with what he had purchased, it was a three dimensional, star shaped object. It required you to put the six odd pieces together, to form a solid structure. None of us could do it, so, after our juicy burgers, we returned to the stall he got it from.


We soon learned how it was done, after a demonstration from the stall owner. We had a little look around town, where, some of the group, bought flavoured tea from one of the stalls. Not long after, we called it a night, said goodbye to Max, and, headed back to the hostel. We stayed up for a bit, chatting with Pieter, and Marteen, before they left for Chiang Mai (on their scooters) in the morning. We wished them all the best, then, Sarah and I, climbed the wooden hill, to go to bed. It was a good day.


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