Day 22: Faulty Darling

I really don’t have much to write for this day, as, for seven and a half hours, I wrote my blog. From what I could observe, and hear. Suzy was the one running the show, with the guys constantly winding her up, by shouting the name Darling at her every five minutes, or, ringing the service bell, time after time.

As I continued to write, I had to move upstairs, to avoid the distractions of everyone else. Whilst sat on a bench, overlooking the luscious green pastures, sipping on a cold beer, I noticed the rooms around ours were filling up with new guests. The phone was constantly ringing, with more guests enquiring about reservations, and, availability. Poor Suzy, by this point was freaking out, because when she rang Darling for the fifth time, to ask where to put people, Darling responded by saying, “don’t keep ringing me, I am busy,” needless to say, Suzy was not impressed.

Not only did Suzy have the Darling resort to run, she also had to check in on another hostel that Darling owned. Now, I don’t know why Suzy agreed to this monstrous task of running a resort, that even the owners struggled to do, as, Suzy left Canada to get away from a stressful working environment, not to end up in another one. As time went by that day, the sun began to set, which you would have thought brought an end to new guests. Wrong, more, and more people, kept cropping up. It almost became a running joke, at one point, it was looking like there wasn’t enough rooms for everyone.

The whole time, I was still upstairs, locked away like a tortured artist typing up a masterpiece (I should be so lucky), I could tell it was getting busy, by the sheer volume of noise, bellowing through the cracks in the floor boards. It wasn’t going to be a problem for me, as I can sleep through anything, however, I knew Sarah wasn’t going to enjoy our room that night, as a pin drop is all it takes to wake her. It was about half past seven in the evening, when I decided to call it a day, with the writing. I put the tablet away, and, proceeded downstairs, where, to my surprise, the resort was packed.

I met lots of people that night, with the aid of alcohol, but, the most memorable people, were Duncan, Rachel, and, Taylor. I first met Taylor when I was playing pool, he joined me for a game, where he told me he was a head chef, in a restaurant, back home in Canada. Taylor, was around five feet seven inches, very slim, with floppy brown hair. He beat me twice at pool too. Duncan, and Rachel, were travelling together, and, had been in Australia for the past year travelling. Rachel was quite tall, with long brown hair, and had a very tanned complexion, she was also from England.

Now, how can I describe Duncan (I know he’s been waiting for this, let’s hope I don’t disappoint). Duncan has a beautiful soul, and, dances through life, making people laugh along the way with his funny anecdotes, and Scottish accent. He stands at five feet nine inches tall, is devilishly handsome, and, has a head of luscious ginger hair, that could win the heart of any person he chooses. As a plus note, I’d just like to say to him… “I always knew.”


As the night continued, more alcohol was consumed, noise levels increased, including that of the music, and, before we knew it, a police truck pulled up outside. We quickly shut off the music, like some naughty teenagers at a house party, this seemed to be enough for the cops, as they left shortly after. With no sign of Darling, or Peter returning that night, it made for a late night, making sure everything, and, everyone was sorted. Suzy stayed up until gone midnight, to see if they would return, they didn’t. Sarah and I, went to bed a bit earlier, much to Sarah’s angst, as there was still a lot of noise coming from downstairs, seeing as we were right above it. Nevertheless, she eventually fell asleep, and that concluded day three.


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