Day 21: SPEC-tacular

After a good nights sleep on our beds, which were just mattresses on the floor, we decided to do nothing but chill out. Our room, was in the highest building of the resort, therefore, giving us the best view of the surrounding fields.


Sarah and I, stayed around the hostel for a little while that morning, before heading out to grab some breakfast. After eating, we explored the local town, as, I recalled seeing an opticians the previous night. Out of curiosity, we went in, and, to our surprise, found a nice pair of glasses. The optician took my pair of prescription sunglasses, and ran them under a machine, which told her what strength my lenses should be. I did a quick test, just in case, and, we were told to come back in an hours time.

We went back to the hostel, as I needed my debit card, to withdraw some money for the glasses. At the resort, Sarah and I, played some card games, then, I made a quick Skype call to my mum, to show off what we were getting for three pounds a night. Before we knew it, the hour was up, so, back to the opticians we went. I withdrew the cash on the way, the total price, one thousand, seven hundred baht (less than forty pounds, again, England, take note). The glasses needed a slight adjustment, as one lens was too strong. Sarah and I, went for a drink, in which time, they fixed the problem.


After the opticians, we returned to our hostel, with new glasses in tow. Back at the resort, the owner, Darling, was a bit upset, because, her husband Peter, had his family visiting, and, due to her working so many hours, hadn’t had the chance to see them properly. She told us, she wanted to go to Chiang Mai the next day, to say goodbye, before they returned to Germany. Being suckers for a sad story, we offered to help run the resort in her absence, this news elated little Darling, and, she started dancing in happiness.

The resort had an area where we could light a bonfire, this area was surrounded by stone benches, where we could sit, and admire the dancing flames as they licked the air. Suzy, Marteen, Pieter, Sarah and, myself sat there that evening, sharing thoughts, and opinions, before concluding day two in Pai.


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