Day 20: Pairadise

On this particular morning, we were quite excited, as it meant we were off to another area of Thailand, the chilled out area known as Pai. The place where everything is cheaper, and, time moves slower. We rose early, so we could have some breakfast, before, we had to board a minibus for a three hour journey, around seven hundred uphill bends.

After breakfast, we returned to our hostel, to pack our bags, ready to vacate the premises. We took two travel sickness pills each (we bought these during our visit to a pharmacy a couple days prior), before being picked up at about eleven a.m. in a red truck. When we climbed into the truck, there was an Italian girl named Paula, who was also heading to Pai to meet her friends. Paula, had a tanned complexion, and tight curly black hair. We squeezed our way down the tight back streets, narrowly missing parked scooters, until we picked up everyone that was heading to Pai.

We arrived at an Aya service point, where we switched vehicles, from the red truck, to a supposed VIP minibus. I don’t know what they consider VIP to mean, but, if it’s little legroom, and, stiff seats, then they’ve nailed it. As we scaled the hill to Pai, we wormed our way around each of the seven hundred bends, wether or not it was the drugs, or our position within the minibus, but, we didn’t feel sick.

We eventually arrived in Pai, and, as soon as you exit the vehicle, all the taxi drivers are waiting, like vultures, to take you places. We were given a map of the area, like usual, however, this one contained hostels and their prices. Although we already had a reservation at a hostel named Darling, we were curious to see what others looked like that were closer to town. We made our way down the streets, when all of a sudden, my pager went off again (just when I thought I was better). I quickly ducked in the nearest bar, during which time, Paula, bumped into Sarah. They began conversing, and, when I returned, off we all went to look at other hostels. The first one was straight down the road, situated within throwing distance of the town. However, we didn’t like the look of it that much, and opted to persevere to our pre booked hostel.

Sarah and I, went the long way to our hostel, but, during our walk, we discovered a lovely hostel named Pairadise. The rooms were really up together, with each one having ensuite bathrooms. We decided to stay there, seeing as it was one pound more than Darling each night. With that we asked if we could leave our bags, then headed to Darling to change our reservation. When we arrived, there were four guests sat around a table. We found one of the two hostel owners, a grey haired German fellow, named Peter. We explained the situation to him, but, like always, he told us to go see a lady named Darling. We located a short lady, cleaning out one of the rooms who went by that name. Sarah began explaining to Darling, we didn’t want to cancel the reservation we had booked, but, instead, move it to four days time. Darling, didn’t quite understand, she thought we wanted to cancel, and, asked us to pay for a nights stay, for the inconvenience. In the end, we stayed at Darling Viewpoint Resort, meaning I had to go back to Pairadise, to collect mine, and Sarah’s bags. Urghhhhhhhhh.

I carried those bags for about five hundred metres, which doesn’t sound far, but, when you consider I was laden with two heavy bags, and it was hot, it certainly felt far. I took the bags straight through, and up to our room. We were staying in a dorm, directly above the lobby, which was a good location to begin with, as Darling wasn’t busy initially. When we were sorted, we went downstairs to meet the other guests. Around the table was one girl, and, three guys. The girl, introduced herself as Suzy, and was from Canada. Suzy stood around five foot, four inches, had a dark tan, and, curly black hair, she also boasted a fiery temperament. The guys then introduced themselves, two of them were travelling together, their names were Pieter, and, Marteen. They both came from Belgium, Pieter was a tall slim fellow, with blonde curly hair, and had slight stubble. Marteen was slightly bigger, he had brown floppy hair, and was about five feet nine inches. The final guy, was from Germany, he was very tall, probably around six foot three, or four inches, had short brown hair, and wore glasses. His name was Yan, however I have no photos of him, so my description will have to suffice.

Sarah and I, chilled with these guys for the rest of the day, until the evening rolled around. Suzy suggested going for food, after showering, we met back at the lobby, and Suzy showed us a quick way into town. The shortcut took all of five minutes to get us to town, where we headed to a pizza joint. It was Sarah, Suzy, Yan, and myself that went for food, and, I must say, it was the best pizza I had had in Thailand. After dinner, we returned to the hostel, where we all chatted for a bit, and swapped some tv shows with Suzy. Seeing as it was late, Sarah and I went to bed, after our first of many, chilled days in Pai.


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