Day 19: Zombie Nation

Hmmmm, what can I say about this day? Not much really happened, to the point that I could probably fit it all into a single paragraph. However, seeing as I am enjoying this whole writing thing, I will endeavor to expand upon the days activities.

During breakfast, at the little restaurant/ hotel that Sarah and I, had become fond of, we were discussing what we should do that day, so, we went online to research the area. We were staying in the heart of the old city, but, for some reason, Sarah and I, were growing restless in Chiang Mai. It may have been down to the fact, we hadn’t booked up any day trips in a while, causing us to find our own entertainment, but, for some reason, we were bored. Not wanting to leave the place without exploring it fully, Sarah and I, decided to go for a wander.

While we were out, we stumbled upon a little Starbucks coffee shop. Before we left England, my mum bought us a pre loaded card for Starbucks, meaning, whenever we felt in the mood for a coffee, we could simply present the card, and, receive a drink (so, thanks for that mum). Inside, the coffee shop was a safe haven from the heat outdoors, thanks to the massive air conditioning unit. During the day, the heat outside would usually be around the mid thirties and extremely humid. After a while, it becomes slightly tedious, because, every five minutes, I’d find myself wiping the sweat from my brow, and pushing my sunglasses back up the bridge of my nose.

After we drank our refreshing drinks, we left, to brave the heat again. Sarah and I, continued down the road for quite sometime, the whole while, having to endure the sun’s unrelenting blaze. The walk was something of a superfluous one, meaning we didn’t discover anything of worth. The only shops we passed, were, massage parlors, or convenience stores. Seeing as we didn’t need, or want, anything from these stores, we kept walking, until we ended up doing a giant circle of the area. We decided, because we couldn’t find anything to do during the day, we’d head back to the hostel to waste some time there. However, before we reached a little bird guesthouse, we stopped in a glasses store, but, unfortunately, like all the others we’d visited, they had no frames that interested me.

Back at the hostel, the two girls, who shared our room, were nowhere to be seen, yet, there bags still remained. Sarah and I, presumed we’d meet them later, but, for the time being, we just chilled out in our room. I wrote some of my blog, while Sarah read her kindle. We stayed in the room for a good couple of hours, as, by this time, the clock read half five. With that, we showered, and headed out, as Sarah, wanted to go to something called the Saturday night walking market.

The walking market, was the busiest one we’ve been to since arriving in Thailand. If you can imagine a horde of zombies, that’s very much the vibe of the place, the same walking speed too. Much like most other markets, this one sold similar trinkets, also, the food was very much the same. Come to think of it, I don’t know why we went. The police had closed the road for this market, causing the traffic to be congested. I hate nothing more than moving two inches every five minutes, yet that’s what you have to do if you want to meander around the stalls. I must have looked like a real tourist as well, because, due to the sheer volume of people, I wore my backpack on my chest, to prevent pickpockets getting any of my valuables. When we made it to the end of the road, we then had the pleasure of doing it all over again, to return to the beginning.

I did feel sorry for Sarah, I think I annoyed her with my moaning about the walking speed, which in turn ruined the market for her a bit. It’s not easy having to put up with me. I tend to moan about everything that annoys me, at that time present. She does a good job of enduring my ways though, which is one of the reasons I love her. On the way back, we stopped in the seven eleven, for some more water (it’s not until you have to buy bottled water everyday, that you realise how lucky you are to have it readily available back home), after our purchase, we retired to our room at the hostel.

This time, the girls were back, it turned out, they had visited the female prison for a massage, and, that’s why they weren’t at the hostel earlier that day. They seemed nice enough, they told us their names (which I forget now), and how, back home, they were cabin crew members. We chatted with them for a while, before Sarah made a Skype call to her mum, and I showered. It was pretty late by this point, and, it wasn’t long before everyone was ready for bed. Lying on my bed, I turned my iPod on, placed the earplugs in my ears, and, drifted off to the sounds of my favourite tunes.






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