Day 24: Easy Rider

On this morning, I was thinking about hiring a bike, to get about easier, so, to see how I would find it, Suzy let me ride hers to town, with her as my passenger (talk about being thrown in at the deep end). I started off shaky, but, soon got the hang of things. Suzy needed fuel, which meant that’s where I had to take us. We soon filled up, then Sarah, Duncan, Rachel, Suzy and myself went for breakfast at a new location. We chose a place named, the Good Health Bar. They sold many different health drinks, one of which, was wheat grass, but, that’s another story. After breakfast, I wanted to hire a scooter, so, I toughened up, and, shook free the fear of ending up like one of the many residents of Pai, all of whom, had tattoos from the roads they collided with.

To do this, I needed my passport, one hundred baht for a helmet, and, another one hundred and forty baht for a bike, plus insurance. For three pounds a day, to hire a scooter, it was too good to pass up. I signed the agreement, and, headed to the back room to choose a helmet. Each helmet was worse than the next, they shared the same appearance as a mountaineering helmet, meaning, if you were to fall from your bike, it probably wouldn’t do much in terms of protecting your head. I eventually found one, with the help of Suzy, and walked outside, where I was given a sexy set of wheels, with a little basket on the front.


Sarah didn’t want to get a bike, as she was too nervous. Instead, she always rode on the back of Duncan’s. First thing my bike needed, was some fuel. So, we returned to the same fuel station, and, for sixty baht (one pound twenty pence), I had three quarters of a tank. From here, our little biker gang, rode out to the nearest waterfall. Pai, has a few waterfalls, which you can ride to at anytime to witness.

It took a little while to get there, due to us getting lost several times. Eventually, we got back on track, but, to get there, we had to ride on some terrible roads. The majority of the roads looked like they were going through puberty, each one laced with potholes, resembling that of a teenagers acne covered face. Somehow I managed to hit one, this made my heart stop, as I truly thought I was coming off. Luckily, nothing bad happened, and I remained upright, and seated.

The journey, took around twenty five minutes, before we arrived at the waterfall. We parked our bikes up, then, proceeded towards the rushing water. Here, Duncan, Rachel, and Suzy, all got in the cold water, while Sarah and I, sat on the steep rocks beside the waterfall. There were two waterfalls, one made for good photos, but was too dangerous to go near, the other, also made for good photos, but, was flat enough, to allow people to slide down it. Suzy, and Duncan both slid down it, however, Suzy was a bit anxious at first, then, just went for it (I guess we were both conquering our fears that day, with me hiring a bike). This little excursion, made for great pictures, but, we left soon after getting them, because too many people showed up, and ruined the peace.

Back at the hostel, our four nights were up, however, we wanted to remain at Darling viewpoint, for a few more days. We asked for a better room, as the dorms were too noisy by this point. Darling helped us out, by giving us a cabin, but, it was too small for me to stand up in. She agreed to sort us with another room, initially charging us too much. When Sarah made her aware of the fact, we helped run her business, she kindly reduced the price, and, gave us an even better room.

Rachel had to leave for her next location late afternoon, leaving Duncan in our care. Our friends Alex and Shaun, joined us for the evening, we decided to go out for dinner. We rode our scooters into town (because we could) where we chose a restaurant we hadn’t been to before, named Na’s. They sold traditional Thai dishes, which sucked, as, by this point, the only food for me, was, Ping’s Burger Queen. After food, and, more wandering of the town, where, again, people bought more flavoured tea. We headed back on our scooters, Duncan, and I, were badasses, we chose, to not wear our helmets, even though, there was a risk of being fined by police, or a smaller risk of falling, and seriously hurting ourselves, but, we looked cool, and that’s all that mettered. Back at the hostel, we decided to have a few drinks, when, somehow, we ended up involved in a drinking game, hosted by a rather big American guy.

This barrel chested, moustache sporting, superman, was from buffalo, and, went by the name Brandon. He suggested playing a card game called asshole, as, it would get everyone drinking, and, allow everyone to get to know each other.


Brandon is a funny guy, he stands around six foot two inches,  has a big build, and, is the only person I know, that looks like so many different characters. If he just left his moustache, he would resemble Mario on steroids, with his beard he looks like desperate Dan (from the Beano comics). If he were to wear a leopard print unitard, he’d look like a circus strong man. Basically Brandon is brilliant, the one thing I enjoy, is quoting Will Ferrell with him.

During the game, a guy from Holland, came and sat next to Sarah and I. He introduced himself as Rob, and was very friendly. Rob, was big built, sporting two full tattoo sleeves, and, had blonde spiky hair. He also looked like my tattoo artist back home, as well as, the lead singer from Queens of the Stoneage.


As the night progressed, we continued to drink, and, play asshole, until the early hours of the morning. Sarah and I, soon called it a night, and, retired to our new room, to sleep on actual beds, happy with the new friends we had made over the past couple days.


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