Day 17: The Name’s Breen, James Breen

Ah, another day in paradise, on this particular day, Sarah and I, decided to take a day off from seeing things, and chose to just chill out at Eco. Upon finishing breakfast, we grabbed our swimming costumes, and proceeded to the pool to relax.

It was around eleven a.m. when we arrived, Sarah headed for a sun soaked lounger, I headed for the shade, as I wanted to work on my blog. As I sat there, typing away, creating these rambling masterpieces, I was constantly distracted by people’s conversations that were occurring. It’s funny what you can pick up when you eavesdrop. I was sat by my lonesome for a couple of hours, before two Australian gentlemen acquired the table beside me. One of the two guys appeared quite intellectual (I put this down to him wearing glasses, and reading a book), while his friend on the other hand, kept asking him questions about the book, and occasionally jumped in the pool, in his pants. During their conversations, I learned of the economy in Australia, a house that one of the guys owned there, and, a third person they knew, that was teaching in Chiang Mai.

As time went on that day, I persevered with my blog, all the while, having to endure the flirtatious advances from the deep, cool pool. Sarah would occasionally step out from the sun, and join me in the shade. On one of her little visits, she informed me that our friend James Breen, would be coming to the Eco Resort later that day. Sarah and I, remained by the pool, conversing for a while, during which time, a message from the man himself, cropped up on Facebook, informing us of his arrival. He told us that he wasn’t feeling too good, and, was going to bed for a bit.

Around half past five in the afternoon, I went to give James a wake up call. He said he was feeling a bit better, so, he joined us at our table by the pool. It turned out, James had the same bug that I did, however, by this point, I was coming out the other side of it. James was taking the same drugs that I was, but, unlike myself, he had to suffer a five hour minibus journey in agony, to be at Eco. He told us stories of what he had been up to in Bangkok, since we last met. One story, was that of witnessing a ping pong show (for the more innocent amongst you, I won’t go into detail, I’ll simply give you some words, and you guys can use your imaginations, naked women, ping pong balls, debauched clubs). One thing I forgot to mention in previous posts, it’s the tuktuk drivers that take you to these shows. By day, they’re nice, as they take you to temples, and tourist spots. By night, it becomes seedy, as every tuktuk guy you pass maks a pop sound with his mouth, and, repeats the question “ping pong?”

Around the table, Sarah, James and myself, were looking at things to do in Chiang Mai. We learned of a good cooking class, which James agreed to join us on the following evening. However, we wanted something to do that night, and, somehow, got talking about the new James Bond film, that had just arrived on the shores of Thailand. After studying the map of the area, we discovered a complex that contained a cinema. Before we could go, Sarah and I, had to pack our bags to move to our next hostel. With everyone showered, and packed, we went to the main street, in order to get a truck to take us, one stopped, but, again, didn’t know where our hostel was. Our next vehicle to stop, a tuktuk. The driver said he knew where it was, he didn’t, nonetheless, after stopping at a nearby tourist information building, he soon learned of it’s location. The tuktuk was very cosy, to say the least, usually, you’ll get three people in comfortably, but, seeing as we had two giant rucksacks, and, two day bags, every corner was terrifying.

We soon arrived at our next hostel, named, a Little Bird Guesthouse. This place was far from the luxury of Eco. It had a group of people staying there, that appeared to be quite a tight clique, and, were not very welcoming to newbies. It was ok for what it was, but, with a fan cooled room, it made night time very sweaty. Regardless of all this, we checked in, put away our bags, and headed out on the tuktuk to the complex.

The journey was around ten to fifteen minutes before we arrived. The inside of the complex was very similar to malls back home, with all the same sort of shops, and food stores. We located the cinema, after asking an employee of the mall. In the foyer, was a silver Aston Martin, which probably had something to do with the new Bond movie, we then queued up, and bought our tickets. The prices for everything at the cinema, were significantly cheaper than that of a cinema back home (take note England). With the tickets for the eight thirty showing purchased, we went to buy some food. Initially, we were going to buy food at Pizza Hut, however, because of it’s prices, we looked for a cheaper alternative.

With a little exploring, we located a restaurant named Jeffer Steak. It wasn’t until we sat down, and flicked through the menu, that I realised, we had been to this establishment before in Bangkok. Their food is terrible, as, I don’t think the staff truly know what westernised food is like. They can’t do, as James’ pork that he ordered, was just like rubber (almost as if they had just cooked the fat from the pig), and, Sarah’s plate contained fish with spaghetti, now tell me that’s not weird. James left his, and headed for Pizza Hut. We met him there, after sorting out the bill, where he gave me the final slice of his pizza (in a final rolo style). With all of us fed, we went to watch our movie.

The movies in Thailand, seemed to play more television adverts, than movie trailers. However, I was extremely excited to witness the Ironman three trailer for the first time, while I was there. After the trailers, and adverts have finished, a special montage video of their king is played, to which, the whole room has to rise for, out of respect. The film was absolutely brilliant, it was exciting from beginning to end, and, was nice to see that every scene of England had rain in it. Maybe, it was due to us being away for a couple of weeks, or maybe, it was just something familiar, but, It was refreshing to hear someone say, “bloody fool,” now and again. I love the British sense of humour, and, because the film contained a lot of it, I left the theatre feeling a little nostalgic.

By the time the film had finished, it was around eleven p.m., this meant, that most of the buildings elevators were shut down, the ones that weren’t, were crammed full of people. After a slight panic, because we didn’t know how to exit the complex, we found a fire escape. Down the stairs we went, only to be trapped in a car park, so, in this situation, we followed the crowds, that appeared to know the way out. Finally free, we had to find a lift back to the hostels, a security guard was nice enough to point us in the right direction. On the main street, we were lucky to find one stray red truck, the driver agreed to drop Sarah and myself off at our hostel first, then take James back to his.

The driver dropped us at a main road, and instructed Sarah and I, to walk up a dark alleyway, where we’d find our hostel. Not trusting his instructions, I suggested to Sarah, that we should find an alternative way. So, after stopping in a seven eleven, we walked up a different alleyway. It was a bad idea, as we got lost, and, had to ask a local where we were. The lady told us the correct way to go, in my defense, we were pretty close to our hostel. When we crossed the threshold of a little bird guesthouse, the clique were still sat outside, eyeing us as we passed. We went into our room, which contained two bunk beds, turned on the fan (which didn’t cool anything) and, attempted to sweat ourselves to sleep.


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