Day 15: Eco? Echo?

The morning after the night before, and on this day we were both excited, as today was the day we were were set to go to Eco Resort. This resort was a beautiful place, which we were informed of by a guy named Naftali, when we were staying at NapPark. The resort was situated a little way out from the old city in Chiang Mai, which meant we had to catch a ride whenever we wanted to go out, however, it didn’t matter, as Eco contained a pool, and had a relaxed atmosphere, which made it worth the four hundred baht a night we had to pay.

So, to get to heaven, we had to first check out from paradise (which by comparison, was not worthy of such a title). Next thing, a vehicle was needed, as Eco was a good four miles away, and no way I was lugging both big bags that far. There we were, waiting on the main road, waving drastically at every passing red truck, in an attempt to get one to stop. Eventually one did, and upon us saying “Eco Resort?” He kindly drove off, as I don’t think he knew where we wanted to go, whilst his passenger (or co-driver) on the other hand, was trying to help us. After some walking and frantic waving, inevitably, a second red truck stopped. This time, it was a lovely, kind, little lady, who agreed to take us to Eco.

When we arrived, the first thing we noticed, was all of the greenery and elephant statues, next, inside, the helpful, and, caring staff. They gave us our key, and into our room we staggered. Inside the room was two single beds, a desk, and, a single cabinet with locking doors that acted as a safe. After we dropped off our bags, we began exploring, to see what Eco had to offer. Every inch of this place was beautiful, all the pathways were made of cobble stones, and, were sheltered by large tropical leaves. Even the communal showers and toilets, were nicer than what you’d expect to find in an ensuite of most hotel rooms. We soon passed the restaurant (which offered delicious buffet meals daily) and, discovered the soul reason that brought us there, the swimming pool.

We spent the majority of the day here (well, I say we, I, spent about an hour in the room blogging, before moving to the pool, to continue blogging). At the pool, Sarah and I, chilled out on the sun beds (in the shade) before we noticed Danny, hobbling along, due to his foot still being in a cast. Sarah and I, called him over, so he could join us in relaxing, and doing nothing, beside a pool, in the lovely warm climate (jealous yet readers). Like usual, Danny knew a lot about the area he was in (which was always surprising, as you would have thought, given the fact he was in a cast, it would hinder his mobility). So, after some discussion, we thought that the best activity to do, would be food.

Before we could eat, Sarah and I, needed to get some passport photos, for future visas we would need. We would get these photos just down the road from the resort, in a local photographer store. After the photos were taken, we were told we would have to collect them the following morning. We headed back, to where we left Danny, and, hailed a red truck to a riverside restaurant aptly named, The Riverside Restaurant… I wonder why? The Riverside, sold really nice food, and, was the first restaurant that sold both European, and Thai food. The European food was cooked perfectly for once, the options varied from such foods as, pizza, hamburgers, chips, the list was endless. I settled on the cheesy pizza (because I LOOOOVE pizza), however, I couldn’t eat it that easily, due to my stomach giving me grief, causing me to feel full.

After food, we paid up… like usual, then went for a stroll. We made our way to the night market, where we admired some artists at work, they were painting beautiful pieces of the ruins we had admired on our journey. One piece stood out more than most, it was of the Buddha head in the tree, however, the artist painted it in his own image, using vibrant colours that weren’t depicted in the photograph he was copying from. During our visit to the market, we stopped in a local pharmacy, as my stomach was not happy by this point, to which we were greeted by (what I can only describe as) an over excited, with possible a.d.h.d, pharmacist.

In the pharmacy, we did our best to describe my ailment, through the medium of charades, with Sarah being the main mime, to which the pharmacist pointed at her and said “ah, diarrhoea.” Sarah was quick to say no, no, no, and, point her finger at me, causing me to look like an iconstanant fool. So, embarrassingly, I spoke up and told him, it was stomach cramps (I represented this, by making two fists, rolling them around my stomach, and, repeatedly chanting cramps). He then produced some tablets that would alleviate the pain, but, when I said Imodium to him, he responded with the best sentence we heard that evening, in his rushed tone, he blurted “no, Imodium close the rectum!” After we all burst out laughing, we left with tablets in tow.

With a little more exploring of the stalls, it began to feel like a hallway from the Scooby Doo cartoon, constantly passing the same item every four feet. We soon got bored, and hailed another red truck to take us back to the ever welcoming Eco Resort. We said goodnight to Danny, then headed to our rooms, where Sarah made a Skype call to her mum, and I, contemplated ridding my bag of excess weight, by throwing out unwanted clothing (turns out, boxer shorts don’t make that much of a difference). When it was all said and done, we turned out the lights, for our first nights stay at Eco.


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