Day 14: Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It’s just Ben Running For The Loo Again

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn,” after coming back to life from my sixteen hour slumber, Sarah told me that during my unconsciousness, she went to the market all on her own, and bought some dinner for herself, (it was there that she was kind enough to bring me back some snacks, and water, isn’t she nice). Next thing, I got out of bed, to find that the worst part of my heat stroke had past. However, the next ailment to smite me down, was that of a stomach bug. Sarah was under the impression that I probably contracted the bug from my McDonald’s the other day, I thought at the time, “how dare you say such a thing about that glorious establishment.”
It was annoying that I was so sick, after only being abroad for two weeks. As, back home, I felt something like Superman, rarely catching any bug. Yet, when I got to a new land, my body became as week as a kitten, inviting every form of illness conceivably imaginable. At the rate I am going, if I don’t contract malaria, it’ll be nothing short of a miracle. So, whilst I was becoming acquainted with my new best friend (the toilet), for the twentieth time that morning, Sarah popped down to reception, where she was handed a letter, and a map. When she came back to our room, she informed me that the letter was left for us by Jarid. The letter read of thanks, and an invitation to join him in South Africa, when he returns, and the map contained places that Jarid marked for us, that he thought we’d find interesting. Sarah and I, were extremely grateful of both items, as that was the first nice gesture we’d had since travelling, not many people would take the time to be so thoughtful.
For the best part of the day, we stayed at the hotel, as, much like a fireman, I felt as though I was on call, only, instead of a pager going off, it would be my stomach. Due to extreme stomach cramps, I didn’t feel like eating much, this caused me to lose all of the weight I worked so hard to gain back home. On top of everything, the internet was down for the best part of the day, so we watched a bit of tv in our room, as there was one channel that played English speaking films.
After staying in the room for a bit longer, we went downstairs to speak to reception, as we had to change rooms once again, we moved our bags to the new room, then, chilled out in the lobby. It wasn’t long before two of our friends from the trek showed up, their names were Remy, and Benjamin. These guys were both from France, and spoke moderately good English (they found it easier to understand us if we spoke slowly, which wasn’t a problem for us). Remy was a tall guy, he was over six feet with an athletic build, he had black hair, and a full beard. Benjamin (or Ben-sha-min, how the French pronounce it) was a bit shorter around five feet, eight inches, had short brown hair, a good tan, and slightly stocky build. These guys had been on the trek, for the period of time we should have been, three days. They arrived looking full of life, surprisingly, and, they told us a story about a spider, that was on one of the girls bags when they slept in the jungle, during night number two. This news made Sarah feel extremely happy about her decision to come back early.
We invited Remy and Ben to join us for food, which they were more than happy to accept. We agreed to shower up and meet back at seven p.m., before setting off, we exchanged the pictures from the elephant trip, that both parties took of the other using each others cameras. With that sorted, off we set. We went to a cheap little restaurant, that Sarah and I found a couple of nights ago, it was here that I had to force down food upon my cement mixer of a stomach. It was at this point that I was worrying about my pager going off. Luckily it didn’t, and, all was well. With the food gone, and bill settled, we told the guys of a place that Jarid had marked on the map. This place was known as the rooftop bar.
They agreed to come along and off we headed. As we were walking there, we had to pass, a non official, but sort of was, “redlight district,” now, there is something quite weird about this stretch of road, as it was disgusting to see, but, each bar you pass has at least one or two tables, with seedy old men sat around, with the Thai girls pretending to care about their f****** pathetic lives. It makes me feel sick when I see dirty old men like that, because they’re the sort, that keep prostitution thriving. After passing a few more bars, where the girls are hugging the men, and stroking their egos, we eventually made it to the roof top bar.
Jarid was right to suggest this place, it’s unusual to say the least, upon entering, you think you are in some weird crack den, as the hallways are grubby, and the walls have u.v paint on them, which are illuminated by an ultra violet light, making the pictures very captivating. Up a couple of steps at the end of the hallway, and, you find yourself at the bottom of a staircase. When you reach the top of the stairs, you have arrived at the rooftop bar. The bar is beautiful, it hosts a view of the surrounding part of the city, and, clearly has some relationship with reggae, due to the colour scheme decorating the walls. The had fans too keep everyone cool, and you all kneel around little tables.
It was here that the rest of the trekking group came, where we all caught up, Sarah and I spoke to Vanessa, the girl whose bag was molested by a spider. Vanessa was cool, she was originally from France, but loved in Australia for while, where she learned English, meaning that when she spoke, she had an Australian twang to her accent. Vanessa, was around five feet six or seven inches, with curly brown hair, and had a slim build. We all chatted about what Sarah and I missed as well as other nonsense, we made a few new friends during our time atop the rooftop bar, then called it a night.
When Sarah and I got back to our room, I had to wrestle with the air conditioning unit that was spitting ice everywhere, I went to reception, where the man told me how to fix it, I used some man skills, needless to say, man made it work, (i am man hear me roar). My pager went off, so, i visited my best friend. Then, after a long day, Sarah and I climbed into bed, put on the telly, to drift off while the movie Merlin continued to make noise in the background.


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