Day 9: Does My Butt Look Big On This

Day nine, and we were to be picked up for Sukhothai, our final stop before Chiang Mai. Four of us were picked up (Jarid, Sarah, myself, and some German guy) by tuktuk, or vanvan, and taken to the local bus station. Here, the vanvan driver bought our bus tickets for us, and we had to wait around half an hour for our bus to arrive.
On the bus, the temperature inside was very cold, on account of the air con system being on full blast, it was nice to be sheltered from the unforgiving sun though. The bus journey took five hours or so, during which time, Sarah read her kindle, and I listened to music whilst beginning the blog. The driver stopped two times in total during our trip, and at each stop, you had to pay if you wanted to use the toilets, the crafty swines.
We arrived at the bus station in Sukhothai around four p.m., where a driver from our hotel was waiting for us, it was in his minibus that he took us so far down the road, to our new safe haven, named Sila Resort. Upon arrival, it transpired, that when Sarah and I booked up the package deal in Bangkok, we had been given the privilege of the luxury rooms. These rooms were log cabins that were extremely spacious, with ensuite bathrooms, and, were located right next to the reception. Before we entered our log cabin, we were given a map of the area by the staff, and, they informed us of a local night market that we could ride to on one of the hotels bicycles. Sarah and I, asked Jarid if he’d be up for joining us, he was, so after dropping our bags in our room, off we went.
For the record, none of their bikes were big enough for me. So, looking like an oversized oaf, with my legs at a quarter to three position every time I peddled, off we rode to the market. This would be the first time any of us would be on the roads with the mental drivers of Thailand. As we arrived there, we locked up our bikes and began looking around. Like most of the markets we’d been to, it sold everything you needed. Seeing as we were hungry, we all bought some chicken on a stick, that was heaven for my stomach, as I think up until then, I had only been eating rice based dishes. Upon further exploration of the market, we discovered that it had a slight amusement park vibe to it, as there were games you could partake in to win prizes, such as cuddly toys. We didn’t bother with any of this, partly due to the fact, that a giant teddy bear could be something of a hindrance to our travels.
After finding our bikes, that we locked up down the rode, we returned, in the dark, to our hotel, if we thought it was scary being on the road for a short time in the light, imagine what it felt like to us in the dark! We returned safely and parked the bikes back in the garage, we then said goodnight to Jarid, and headed to our spacious log cabin. It was here that Sarah made a Skype call to her parents, and I did my first workout of the trip (the one thing I miss from back home, is going to the gym, as it was always something that required a degree of discipline to commit to, whereas now, its too hot to workout, and, I can eat what I want when i want, it’s like an on going holiday). When we were done with our activities, Sarah and I decided to dine at the hotels restaurant. The food they sold was delicious, and, it was here that we tried our first of many fruit shakes (they are amazing, and also, a great way of getting healthy food into your body here). Afterwards, we returned to our room for a heavenly nights sleep, in an air conditioned room, on a comfy bed.



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