Day 11: How Bazaar

After having a lovely stay at the Sila Resort (highly recommended by me), it was time to leave, as today was the day, that Sarah and I, were to leave for Chiang Mai. The minibus pulled up outside fairly early, around nine, nine thirty a.m. to take us to the bus station. We didn’t have long to wait before our bus showed up (at first, we feared it may be the rickety old one without air con), luckily, we had the air con filled silver sex machine to carry us safely to Chiang Mai.
The journey was another five hour one, due to the roads being all twisted and windy, the driver thought it would be a good idea to put on a DVD, the film of choice, was one of the underworld trilogy. However, the film was in Thai, and the subtitles were that of the audio commentary, this meant we couldn’t understand what was going on. For the best part of the journey, I just listened to music, or watched films on my tablet device.
We eventually arrived at the bus station in Chiang Mai, where we were greeted by a man holding some card, with Jarid, and mine’s name upon it. He escorted us to his vehicle, in which he took us to our next resort, but not before he stopped off at a tourist building, where we had to show them our paperwork for a jungle trek we had pre booked, they informed us of a man that would be visiting us at the hotel later that day, who would tell us more about our trip, and, what we needed.
We soon arrived at our hotel, named Paradise. This building was huge, and for the first time, was worthy of the title hotel. It contained seven stories, and must have had one hundred plus rooms. After checking in, we headed to our room, this was the most spacious room we’d had yet. The room was quite simple though, containing the basic amenities, and the choice of two beds, a double or a single. Being the lazy couple that we are, Sarah and I, took a shower, follwed by a nap, before we had to meet our guide at half five.
It was half five, so Sarah and I, ambled down to the lobby to meet our guide, he informed us of what laid ahead, and to expect during the trek. Before leaving he handed us a check list of things we might want, or, need for the next day. Luckily we had most things, we only needed a couple items, but, we were just down the road from the night bazaar, and could get all the remaining things there.
The night bazaar, is another market, exclusive to Chiang Mai, like most markets, you can get everything you need, from household goods, to clothing. Most importantly though, food, now that my cold had passed, my appetite had returned, of which I was ready to take full advantage. All the food at the stalls are low in price, meaning you can pig out until your hearts content. However, when I saw the golden arches, I was nearly in tears of happiness. In there, I ordered a double cheeseburger and fries. God, it tasted good. With that, Sarah and I, made our way back to the hotel, all the way, admiring the goods each stall had to offer. We soon arrived back at the Paradise hotel, but, before we headed to bed in preparation for an early start the next day, we bumped into Jarid again. He informed us that he was going to an elephant reserve the next day, for two weeks, where he would learn about them, and, how they’re taken care of. We both took it in turns to converse with Jarid, while one of us was chatting with him, the other would be Skype-ing back home.
During the conversation with my mum, I was telling her about how much fun I was having whilst travelling, and also, how I felt as though I was in on some big secret, that only those who have been travelling know about. The feeling you get when you’re travelling is unexplainable, much like the feeling of love, you can’t explain it, it’s something you have to feel for yourself. If I were to attempt to describe it though, I’d have to relate it to that feeling you get when you’ve just returned home from a holiday, and, you have that feeling of freshness, and a new found confidence about yourself, you know, before work beats it out of you again. Well, it’s like that for me, only it’s constant, and, with my new found perspective on life, if I should one day return to England, and back to my small little town, I’ve made a promise to myself, that I will never lose this feeling by ending up in a dead end job again. Not to sound like a cliche, but, life’s too short to be miserable, if you think you have half a shot at something better in life, take it, as one thing I am beginning to learn, is nothing is impossible!


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