Day 10: What’s Wat

So after a lazy morning, Sarah and I rose from bed (by this point i think i was cold free), and, stumbled to the restaurant, where Jarid joined us for breakfast. After chowing down on some good food, we went back to reception. It was here that we spoke with the staff about the ruins in the old city. They informed us that if we were to get a bus to the old city, from there we could hire bikes for the day, and ride around at our own leisure.
We agreed to meet Jarid back at reception, after Sarah and I had showered. Upon completion of the cleaning process, we all set off in the hotel minibus to the bus station. It was here, that for a small charge, we were taken to the old city. The journey took about twenty minutes, and luckily, we were dropped off right outside of the bike rental shop. For a price of twenty five baht, we hired bike’s for the day, then went on to purchase tickets, to allow us entry to see the ruins.
When we were in the grounds there were lots of ruins to behold, beside each one was a picture depicting what each ruin looked like during it’s prime. In my opinion, some ruins were more impressive than others, as, some were still moderately intact, making It easy to figure out what they used to look like. Whereas, others were just rubble upon the floor. Nonetheless, they all tell a story, and hold their place in history, I am sure. If nothing else, it was really nice to ride the bikes around for a day, as everything was so scenic everywhere we went.
After seeing many of the different temples. Wat this, and, Wat that, (each temple began with the word Wat, followed by it’s name), we decided to have a breather by ordering some drinks at a local cafe. After the usual story exchanges, we set off to see more. As we peddled, the cool refreshing breeze was a constant gift, and worked as an incentive for us to peddle faster. Needless to say, we took plenty of photos at each stop, but, we weren’t done yet, as we knew of one last place we had to see before calling it a day.
This final place was a good couple of kilometres down the road from our current location, but, it was worth the ride due to it having a breathtaking view of the area. When we arrived at the entrance, we had to pay another toll to be able to see this view. We paid the lady, and set off to the bottom of a hill. It was here, that we chained up our bikes, and began ascending the steep rocky path to the top. When we reached the top, gasping, there was, as promised, a stunning view, we could see for miles. Also, atop the hill, a giant Buddha statue admiring the view as well.
We descended the hill, returned to our bikes, and, headed back to the bike shop to be relieved of our bicycles. We caught the bus back to the station, but, unfortunately didn’t plan ahead, so instead of our hotel’s minibus bringing us back to the resort, we had to catch a tuktuk. This time, the tuktuk, was different again, consisting of a motorbike (which the driver rode) and, what I can only describe, as an oversized basket on the front, which we all sat in. So, as we returned, looking like something reminiscent of the E.T movie (but minus the flying part), we looked over the pictures of the day, and spoke of what we enjoyed most.
At the hotel again, Jarid, Sarah, and myself all went for dinner together, during which time, we had some entertainment, in the form of a gecko catching stray flies on the ceiling. We spoke of things we did back in our home countries, and what our plans are for the future. After the food was gone, Jarid played pool against some other guests, whereas Sarah and I, returned to our room to conclude an exhausting day.







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