Cause and Effect

Before I start this blog I would like to begin with a little prologue (or pro-blog,) as to how this once in a lifetime journey began. The title of this first chapter refers to the philosophical concept of causality, “in which an action or event will produce a certain response to the action in the form of another event” (yes I may have Wikipedia’d that bit, but excuse me for wanting to sound intellectual). However profound that past sentence may sound I believe on some level, some part of that must resonate with everyone, we can all relate to a decision we have made in our lives, which caused a ripple effect, and it felt like one thing led to another, then, before you knew it, you were looking back thinking, “if only I did things differently!”.
Well for me, that certainly was the case. It all started in school I’d say, as I never really had what you’d call a sense of direction, in terms of what I wanted to do with my life, whereas other kids in class would say, “when I grow up, I want to be this, or I’d like to earn this much, or I want to feature as a backing dancer for nSync”….ok so that last one was a lie (no child was ever that specific with their ambitions). For me growing up, I would just to go to school, and, when the day was over, go hang out with my friends or lock myself away, playing videogames, sad I know, but true, what do you expect when you grow up in a dead end town.
Inevitably time went on, primary school ended as did secondary school and then… dum dum duuuuuuuum, life steps in. It forces you to make a decision, of which there are two (or so they’d have you believe). You either played it smart, and stayed in education, hopefully going off to uni, like most of the more sure of themselves students did, or you’d do what I did, and go down the path of the ‘ard as nails working class man!
Now for a sixteen year old boy to be thrown to the lions, so to speak, was a rather intimidating experience, one of which i’d like to think I came out on top of, in reality, looking back, i was just a bashful little twit, that coloured up everytime one of the guys would show me a picture of a page three girl, or ask me questions about my fictional sex life. I say ask, it was more like an interrogation, i am not one hundred percent sure about this, but, I imagine prisoners of war got off easier than i did during my canteen breaks, I began to fear those half hours, constantly trying to plan a half an hour slot where I could eat freely, without any boobie references or tales of the aged factory man’s sex life being mentioned.
Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t ever hate the job due to the great guys who worked there, the eight hour shifts were a drag sometimes, but the little factory family that I was adopted into really did make it seem quicker than what it was. However, like most families it wasn’t always puppy dogs and rainbows, and, on those days, I’d find myself saying “ah well, it pays the bills doesn’t it!” As long as I live, I never want to say those words again, when it comes to working.
As time continued to creep by farther into the unforeseeable future, I gained better positions within the printing firm, which brought with it an increase in wages, which was nice, and every month I’d be earning money, all the while thinking I was doing so much better than any idiot that was racking up huge student loans in university. Laughing all the way to the bank, thinking about the house made of gold that I would one day buy, with a wardrobe full of golden suits, and a golden garage with golden cars, living the Hugh Heffner lifestyle. All the while not realizing the joke was on me, as it turns out, students don’t stay broke forever, students go to learn amazing things to better themselves for their futures, some become doctors, some become lawyers some become authors and some even bec…om….e, wait a minute, who am I kidding, most students become a massive drain on society with debts exceeding twenty grand.
One of the positions I managed to acquire within the printing press, was that of a night shift operative in the warehouse, which as glamorous as that sounds, for a single twenty one year old, when it comes to attracting a female/ impressing strangers about your lifestyle, trust me when I say, it’s not. However, within a couple of months of starting the dream job, and, becoming Westfield’s most eligible bachelor, I bumped into a girl named, Sarah Duxbury at Midsomer Norton’s finest brewery/nightclub/after hours dining house. Sarah, is rather tall for a girl, standing at five feet seven inches, she has hair as golden as the sun, very large expressive eyes, that could reduce even Medussa to stone, and an unmatched intellect, that makes me believe she is either that of a robot, or alien, as that is the only explanation I have, as to how she is always able to win the arguments. Sarah and I, used to go to school together but had lost contact over time, however, after a little time catching up, needless to say, the warehouseman title was all it took, to persuade the owner of a degree in psychology, to become my girlfriend (that’s right I began courting a student, but, if she thought at anytime, that this lathario, was going to pay any of her debts, then she was on something).
So push the clock forward some two and a half years and after constant bickering and nit picking between Westfield’s hottest couple since nelly and bill (residents of a super exclusive road I lived on) we mutually decided that Sarah wanted to go travelling, for like her fiftieth time. This took some debate and planning and would however involve me quitting my job and saying goodbye to everything I ever knew and loved in the all of five square mile area of our hometown. For Sarah, it meant having to do the same, however, it was difficult more so for her, as Sarah recently became an aunty, due to her sister giving birth to a little girl named Isla, a baby so beautiful she could make blind people cry, and, a laugh so intoxicating, it could put a smile on the face of the most hardened of criminals.
Now remember what I was saying earlier, about not knowing what I wanted to do with my life? Well often in this life you’ll find that you’re confronted with a decision that will drastically change your future and its in these moments you truly learn what sort of a person you are. For me, I guess the decision was both easy and difficult, as I knew that I didn’t want to grow old in nowheresville doing the same old monotonous routine, that was slowly dragging the life force from my soul, but at the same time, I didn’t want to let go of everything I knew for a life of unsure answers and destinations that I knew nothing about. The deciding factor was that I knew exactly what would happen if I stayed in the waiting room that I lived, nothing, as there are no opportunities to better your life there. So all of a sudden, the unknown began to look deliciously appetizing, I guess that’s the beauty of the unknown, although it is a scary place, if you dont take a risk, and, face it head on, how will you ever know what it may hold for you?
So I decided to do just that, and, leave my job…..(but Ben, wait, what are you doing? I thought you said you were soon to be a billionaire playboy? Yes, well, I lied, get over it). I then went on to give my dog to my mum, as well as about three tonnes of clothes, and, about another three tonnes of junk (so sorry for cluttering up your house mum). I sold off most of my posessions, to attain some travelling funds, then I focused on packing my bag, so I could have an adventure with my girlfriend, as, after slaving away in the highly sought after factory lifestyle for eight years, with men who are as happy as cats in water to be there, I thought it’s about time I started living…


2 thoughts on “Cause and Effect

  1. Hey man, My name is Dean, I’m going travelling with Marc in the Autumn. (I assume he’s mentioned it?) He passed me on to your blog. Gotta say, reading this post about why you decided to travel has convinced me this is the right idea. I’m in nearly the same position, dead end job with people who sap inspiration out of the room. No real ties. I can’t wait for this chance!
    Don’t know if you’ll see this but it’s a great blog. I’m definitely going to keep one too. It’s my new night-time reading!
    Keep it up.

    • Hey Dean,
      I have only just got this message today when i checked through my e-mails. Thank you so much for this nice message, it means a lot to hear that. It has been hard work to keep typing everyday. It gets very difficult to find the time to write some days. It keeps me motivated to keep doing it when i get nice comments like yours. All i can say is that when you make the decision to leave behind everything at home, you don’t regret it at all. I have not once felt homesick for anything yet. When you go though, listen to Marc’s advice of not packing too much. 7 t shirts, 5 vests, 2 pairs of shorts, trainers, toiletries and other useless items just weigh you down. I have reduced the contents of my bag significantly since leaving.
      Best of luck with your travels. Oh and as a p.s, don’t use the wordpress app to save your blogs. For me it has had a tendency to delete multiple pieces of work. In total i have lost over 6000 words. Now i use a free document app and copy and paste the whole thing to the wordpress app when i’ve checked it. Then i upload them to Facebook. I still have many more to upload, but thank you for reading them. You’re a star!

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