Day 8: Off With His Head

Another early start, this time, the alarm gave us a slight lye in because it didnt go off until around half seven. We had to be ready for nine a.m., as we had a driver coming to collect us, to take us to the train station. The driver arrived in a luxurious black Mercedes Benz, with cream leather interior, and a luscious cool breeze awaited us inside. He dropped us off at the station, and came inside to purchase our tickets, he then left us to it. A little while later the train arrived, which we swiftly climbed aboard, and sat down, it turned out, we didn’t have seated tickets, and had to stand when the appropriate ticket holders arrived, we just played dumb and apologised.
Luckily we were given the opportunity to be seated, after having to move two more times, and remained so for the rest of the journey. The journey was a total of about two hours, and, when we arrived at Ayutthaya train station, we had the issue of finding our driver, who would take us to our next place of rest. This took about ten minutes, Sarah asked me to stay with the bags, while she darted around the platform looking for our driver. Needless to say, Sarah located him, and, we were on our way to our next resort. The vehicles were different here, instead of the tuktuks having a three wheel base, they were more like trucks, with a roof in the cab where you sat.
Fifteen minutes down the road, and we arrived in a little quiet part of Ayutthaya, where we’d be staying for one night. It was a quaint little resort, resembling that of a small shanty town you’d find in an old western movie. We were greeted with a map, and a refreshingly cold bottle of water, we were then told we could put our bags in the storage room when we were ready. While we sipped on our refreshing beverages, Sarah got chatting to a French couple who were also staying at the resort, I didn’t catch the name of the guy, but he was fairly tall, with spiky black hair, and was quite hairy all over, Fanny was the name of the girl, she had a tanned complexion, with long dark hair and a noticeable tattoo running down her spine. Fanny spoke the most English of the two, so held up the conversation between Sarah and them.
We were told by the staff that we could ride bikes around the old city to look at the ruins, however, it was quite far and would be quicker, and easier, to go by tuktuk. To reduce the price, Sarah invited the French couple along, and, they happily agreed to join us. We suggested meeting back where we were in fifteen minutes time, after we put our bags away in storage. The storage room turned out to be just a spare guest room, with a bed, wardrobe and bathroom. It was here that I felt as though a bathroom break was needed, so I said to Sarah I’d meet her back at the bar area.
After my bathroom break was over, I opened the door to wash my hands in the sink, then went to meet back up with Sarah, however, when I tried to push the mesh like door open, I noticed it was jammed. During my loo break, someone had been in and propped a bag against it, so with a shove, the door opened and I was in the storage room again. With that dilemma over I went to head out of the exit door, only to find the same person had locked the door with a padlock. I tried shouting to Sarah but that didn’t work, I looked for a way out, but that didn’t work either. I had no choice but to wait for the tuktuk to arrive and someone to come looking for me. Luckily that happened, and Sarah came, she then went to get the culprit that imprisoned me (for a while I thought this blog was going to be written from the perspective of my new life as a prisoner). The jailer came, with keys in tow and freed me (I don’t know why criminals complain, the prison life is easy), it was back at the bar that everyone cheered for my new found freedom, and the four of us set off to see some more bloody temples/ ruins.
It cost us all four hundred baht (eight quid) to hire the driver for several hours and she agreed (yes, she, our first female tuktuk driver) to take us to all of the temples around the outside of the old city first. We visited quite a few in that space of time, one giant reclining Buddha, some old ruins, a temple, but, the most interesting sight was at one of the ruins we visited, we had to pay an entrance fee to this one, that didn’t matter though as it was only fifty baht. At this particular ruin, we saw the head of Buddha, that over time, had fallen from it’s statue, and around it, the roots of a tree had grown, lifting the Buddha head from the ground by about thirty centimetres. It was interesting to see, because the only way it could have happened was by nature itself, nobody could have placed it in that location, after we all took some photos, we returned to our driver.
We paid her for another hour when our initial time was up, and we saw a couple more places, then, we returned to our resort. When we arrived, it was around four p.m., and I had definitely caught the sun that day. It turned out, the reason I was as red as a lobster, was due to the doxycycline I was taking. These were little red anti-biotic pills, that Sarah and I, had purchased back in Bangkok. The reason for these pills, to avoid contracting malaria, as, Chiang Mai, the destination we were working our way towards, was a high risk zone for the disease. These pills did more damage than good for me, you are supposed to take them seven days before, and so many days during your stay in certain areas, however, they come with a long list of side effects, one of which was light sensitivity, and this is why my skin burnt up so badly.
Sarah and I went to our room for the first time, it was lovely, very spacious and clean. The bathroom was spotless, so we took it in turns to have showers, then enjoyed some good American tv shows in bed, it wasn’t long before we both fell asleep. Upon awakening, we were both hungry, so we got up (around six thirty p.m.), and headed out of the door, to see if there were any local food stalls. It turned out there wasn’t anything within walking distance of where we were, so after a ten minute search, we gave up looking, we decided that stopping in a local seven eleven would suffice, and, returned to our resort while munching on crisps.
The resort sold cooked food from seven p.m. onwards, so after a short wait, we each ordered a meal. While waiting for it to cook, we met a new guy who was also staying there, his name was Jarid, he was a nineteen year old from South Africa. Jarid was a very nice, if not, slightly reserved boy. He was fairly tall, around five feet nine inches, and his most noticeable characteristic feature, was his long hazel coloured dreadlocks. He didn’t stop to chat for long, as he was quite tired, and left to go to bed. After Sarah and I finished our first cooked meal of the day, we paid up, and, went to bed ourselves, to the sounds of the owners two Great Danes talking to the neighbourhoods dogs all night.


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