Day 7: Kissed From a Rose

Today, Sarah and I, had a day out with our new friend James, the plan was, to go visit the grand temple, and a few other locations. So, after showering, we went to the local seven eleven, to buy some drinking water for the day ahead. The grand temple was within walking distance of our hostel, so, to save ourselves some money on transport, that’s what we did. Upon arrival to the temple, it was around midday, and, we found it to be extremely busy with tourist, the reason for this, was, due to it being a national day, meaning it was shut. The national day, I think, had something to do, with it being the prince, or the kings birthday. So everyone had come to pay their respects. The gates were open, which meant, you could roam around the grounds, but, you couldn’t go inside the building, and for once, both, men, and women, had to have their knees covered on the grounds. This annoyed me, as up until that point, I found the Buddhist’s silent sexism to be slightly amusing, mostly due to Sarah’s hatred of it.
So seeing as both James and I had shorts on, we couldn’t get in, instead, we mutually decided to grab a taxi, to possibly the greatest place on earth, the Pantip Plaza IT Mall, this building held everything, any guy could possibly wish for, roughly seven floors of non-stop techno wizardry. It was here, that I thought, “I’ve never been so happy, to go shopping with my girlfriend”. I hate shopping, usually, as it involves being dragged around all the clothes, amd accessory stores, show me a guy that says he finds that enjoyable, and, I’ll show you a liar! It was impossible to hate this place, as, I am pretty sure you could buy everything you needed, to become either James Bond, or, Batman, at the very least you could be Inspector Gadget.
Each floor had something different to offer, the ground floor contained a lot of knock off merchandise, such as iPhone’s (you could buy one for roughly forty quid), fake Dr Dre beats headphones, cheap laptops, their stock seemed endless. As you carried on up the levels within the building, the prices increased on certain product, as, nearer the top levels, were the more authentic goods, e.g genuine iPads, with genuine price tags. My favourite part of the building, was, when we discovered a little stall that sold camera pens and watches. They showed us how good the video recording of each device was, by connecting it to a laptop. I’d say, they rivaled that of any cheap digital camera on the market, and, with an internal memory of eight gigabytes (sorry for getting technical there, I got carried away), who wouldn’t want one of those bad boys.
The stall, beside this one, repaired iPhone’s, as this is what James was looking for, due to dropping his, and, smashing the back case made of glass. So, for a small charge of eight pounds, the guy took all of one and a half minutes, to undo two screws, remove the broken back, put a new one in, and, replace the two screws. With James’s iPhone looking like a brand new one, we considered our trip, to heaven, a success, and, headed back to Khoa San road.
It was probably late afternoon when we returned, and, seeing as we couldn’t see the grand temple, we decided to go visit another one instead. This one, I was actually excited for, surprisingly, it’s name, Wat Arun (meaning temple of dawn). We got there at ten to five, it’s closing time, five o clock. After making the lady behind the cashier desk aware of this, and, a bit of arguing, we were allowed to enter. It was here that we climbed (what felt like a ladder) more than three sets of stairs, all the way to the top. It had an incredible view from the top, of the neighbouring river, and buildings. However, the sun sets pretty quickly in Thailand, so before we descended the towering beast, it was dark, which luckily, made for better pictures. Wat Arun, is a phenomenal piece of architecture, and resembles something from Indiana Jones, or a Tomb Raider game (only without a big breasted, gun touting, woman running around, sad face).
Before returning to the hostel, we stopped at a restaurant, and, all together, ordered food to share. We had several dishes, that left us full, we took some more pictures (before and after style, to see how much of it we ate), then, paid up and left. In the hostel again, we all decided, that one last night out was needed, before, Sarah and I, left the next day, for Ayutyah. I didn’t like everyone that joined us, as a couple of the guys tended to be quite letchy when drunk, however, we all went out to the reggae bar, again, and I conversed with David, a twenty six year old from Germany, he had blonde hair, about six foot four, and, was quite big built. I liked chatting with David, as he had similar views to mine, on most topics we covered. It wasn’t long, before David and mine’s conversation was interrupted by Sarah, to say we had to leave the bar, as there was some ruckus that had developed between one of our group, and a local (turned out, one of the girls, Patricia, a short girl, with long brown hair, from Chilli, had kindly taken the label off a guys brand new flat peak hat, and, he didn’t take it as a kind gesture). So, quickly we all scuttled down the back alley, looking like giant rats, as our shadows danced upon the walls alongside us, all the while, heading to the next bar, to get away from this big intimidating man.
At the next bar, everyone cheered up the petrified Patricia, and, altogether, chipped in to buy two giant tubes of beer, for all of us to share. This bar was strange, as, looking around, it had everything any normal bar would, pool table, beer pumps, tables, chairs, then, upon scanning around the room, my eyes picked up on the fact, there were two life sized dolls, just sat on two chairs, randomly. As the evening progressed, the letches grew more rowdy, giving all guys a bad name by eyeing up woman, like their next meal tickets.
Patricia, was happy and smiling by this point, and I, was sat beside Sarah at the table, when all of a sudden, another little girl selling roses came to bother me, I thought, “here we go then”, however, she said to me “twenty baht, for one, or one hundred baht, for the lot” (this is about forty pence for one, or two pounds for the lot). Being the kind hearted guy that I am, I thought to myself, “I can kill two birds with one stone here, I can impress Sarah, by buying her a dozen plus roses for two pounds, and, get a little girl off the streets, at gone midnight, by ridding her of her workload!”
So, I did it, I bought all of the roses, feeling like some sort of rich eccentric about town. It was then, that the little girl ran off smiling, and, one of the female staff bowed to me in appreciation. Sarah then lit up when I thrusted about fifteen roses in her face (I felt like Hannibal of the A-Team by this point, thinking to myself, “I love it when a plan comes together”). Sarah gave one rose to Patricia, to cheer her up some more, after, Sarah and I, went about the place, throwing them, one by one, to the staff. However, one of the letches had picked up a stray rose from our activities, and placed it between his teeth, then began trying to dance with Patricia. It ruined the rose thing a little bit when I witnessed this. After the beer was gone, we all split the bill, and went separate ways. The rest of the group went on to more bars, whereas, Sarah and I, returned to the hostel for our final night, as it would be the next day we were to leave for Ayutthaya.


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